It’s spring baby!

This morning the sun welcomed me with its warm rays and singing birds outside the window showed me that spring is back. When it comes to spring I can literally feel how my batteries get recharged. Energy is back and I am saying goodbye to bad mood and rainy days.
IMG_4608Everyone was outside today and everyone was smiling, enjoying coffee, ice-cream and the weekend. And while everyone was relaxing or busy with doing some shopping, I went to 3 apartments and every single one was good. So next week I will apply fo
r them and held fingers crossed 😉


The feeling of coming home will not take placeLast week was stressful. I was so tired from everything, but then I felt that Mannheim deserves a second chance.  within two days or three weeks. This feeling takes time and accepting that makes everything easier.
Sometimes our expectations are too high. We’ve made the perfect plan within our heads but the real world is different. Most of the time life comes by and crosses our perfect plan. And that is ok. Things will work out in the end that’s for sure. And whenever there is a path where you find just struggle and difficulties, than its not the right path. Maybe you need to turn and change directio. But maybe, and this is what I’ve noticed last week, the path is difficult and more challenging than you’ve expected, but you feel that it will be worth it to go on. Life isn’t always easy and especially when everything is new for you it can be overwhelming from time to time.

But you will find your way and your place and your feeling of being home. Spring is back, my positive attitude is back too and I have the feeling that a new apartment is near 😉IMG_4605

So enjoy springtime and the new energy! Enjoy ice-cream, singing birds and the warm sunshine. And most of all, enjoy yourselves. We have everything we need and we should be  thankful for that. Life is beautiful and challenging and diverse and just the way it is. Go out, live it and love it!


Yours Kristin




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