Have I arrived? I don’t know…

There are a lot of travel bloggers out there with inspiring stories and a big bag pack full of adventures. But only a few do write about the feeling of coming home and getting back into daily business. Same like me, but I have decided to write about it now 🙂

I don’t really know what I had expected about being back home after 6 months, but my friends, workmates and family did. Everyone told me with a bit of disappointment: “Well it’s great to have you back in one piece and we all loved reading your stories, but honestly, you are still looking the same as you did before you left 6 months ago.”

IMG_3304Sorry guys, but what is wrong with that? Traveling a part of the world doesn’t mean that you come back wearing handmade clothes, henna tattoos all over your body or dreadlocks. It doesn’t mean that you walk bare feet along the streets of Mannheim or telling everyone how amazing life on a beach is and that you want to leave as soon as possible this office-style-life you are back in again.

For me, traveling parts of the world means to widen my horizon. To become aware of all the different cultures, people, traditions and the way of life. It’s not money what makes you happy. It is your family and your friends and whenever someone tells me, that it’s a bad day due to the fact that the coffee was not hot enough or the favourite chocolate was sold out, I just smile and think back to the days when I used to do my washing by hands, had rice three times per day, but slept happily because everyone in my Indian host family was healthy and enjoyed my company.

Of course I am different now and that trip changed me. But mostly I changed inside. The way I am looking at things changed completely. My priorities changed completely. And the way I am dealing with different cultures changed 100 percent. That you don’t see things doesn’t mean that they are not there.

And the fact, that I am back into daily business is not bad at all. I like having my day structured and having work, earning money. And having my friends back and my family is the best part of it 😉


But on the other hand it’s kind of hard to see, that I didn’t miss big things. Life goes by as it used to. No news, no big changes and after 2 weeks everything went back to normal.

I don’t know if that is the safeness everyone is talking about when it comes to home? But for me it’s not save at all. For me it is sad to see, that everything remains the same. Wouldn’t it be better if people change more often? If people would challenge themselves and would step out of there comfort zone?

As you can see, I am back home, but my heart is still somewhere else. I do enjoy the feeling of being back and have family and friends around me. And I do enjoy the fact being back at work. But at the same time everything is a bit strange and I don’t feel the same as I did before I left. It is just a feeling from deep inside and being honest with you, I am asking myself whether it’s normal and I should get used to it, or if it is a sign, that my place isn’t here and that I should start somewhere else brand new?

I think it is a huge difference whether to get back to your old home, city, workplace or if you start somewhere new. I decided to go back to old things, but do them differently. Because even when things remain the same, you can change them by changing you and your perspective. A new job position, a new apartment and maybe new friends. But now I am struggling, because trying to be “new” in an old surrounding is not that easy.

And it is not that easy being back without having it all arranged. After two months I am still looking for an apartment. I am still trying to find my way back into daily business. And I am still trying to get the feeling back, which I had during my journey. Of course it was not easy the whole time, but I was free and there was nothing heavy on my shoulders.

What I have learned during my trip is one thing: Life is too beautiful for heavy shoulders and a heavy heart. Life should be inspiring, challenging and beautiful. And we all should try to give our best to make it that way for us and for others.

Maybe I just need a bit more time?

I will let you know how things might have changed in a few weeks 😉

Yours Kristin

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