Discover Chinatown in Singapore

It was love at first sign. Singapore stole my heart and let me feel like a teenager who cannot sleep, because being in love is so overwhelming.


It all started in Chinatown. I decided to take part in three free walking tours: Chinatown, Kampong Glam and the Riverside. Wei, my guide, was laughing as he found out, that we will see each other for the next couple of days 😉

Next to Kampong Glam and Little India, Chinatown is one of the most known districts in Singapore. Chinatown is named like this, due to the Chinese people, Kampong Glam, another famous district, was home for the Malaysians and little India – you can have a guess 🙂 This separation is based in the past, when Singapore became an important harbour for all the traders. The population raised overexpantional due to the fact, that Singapore became an important place for trading. No ship needed to pay taxes in Singapore harbour and with the growing economics, the population grew as well. The only problem with that was, that the immigrants weren’t able to understand the locals or even the other immigrants from the other countries. So it was a bit chaotic, because no one knew the language or the rules of the city. The government decided to split the immigrants and Chinatown, Kampong Glam and little India were founded.

What is known as Chinatown, was actually little India in the beginning. But the Indians were farmers and due to the fact that Chinatown didn’t has water till 1960, the Indians left this district and it became Chinatown. You will notice that by the fact, that you find a lot of  buddhism and hinduism temples in Chinatown 😉

The most impressive thing for me was the fact, that within the temples in Chinatown, it’s all about balance. Balance is important in life. In most of the temples you will find two statues at the entrance. One female and one male as guardians. In my case there was one with its mouth open (sound of ahhhhh) and the other one with its mouth closed (sound mhhhh). Together the sound of ‘ahh’ and ‘mhh’ is OM which is the meditation sound that balances your inner peace.

Yours Kristin


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