New Zealand in a Nutshell

It’s been a while ago since I’ve discovered New Zealand with my car Mysteron. But nevertheless I want to write about my time in New Zealand and about my experience and all the adventures I had there. And maybe it’s good to write about all this with a bit distance ?!
New Zealand is beautiful, stunning, impressive and from time to time overwhelming with all its nature. I mean we all know beautiful places, cute cities and tracking paths we want to do over and over again. But honestly speaking, New Zealand was the first country which offers all of that in such a huge amount, that from time to time it was hard for me to cope with. No matter which road you choose, which city you stop in or to whom you speak, everything and everyone is beautiful there and I’ve never felt so safe.

Starting in the north of New Zealand, Cape Reinga was one of the most beautiful sceneries and landscapes. I think my start couldn’t be better, driving to cape Reinga and meeting this couple, who are walking all the way from the north to the south of New Zealand for the next 6 month. This was inspiring and in the same time very helpful, because whenever I had bad and cold weather or felt homesick, I reminded myself, that I am traveling in a comfortable way, with my own car. Not walking like these two all the way and cooking outside every single day and then sleeping in a tent, no matter how cold, windy or rainy it was.


I had not the best weather in New Zealand. Lot of rainy days and I don’t how how many layers of clothes I was wearing during nights. Actually I’ve laid on a beach for one day, but unfortunately sandflies were all over the place, so I decided to quit the idea of summer-beach-holdiays and kept on driving.

During my stay in New Zealand I met wonderful people and they all were surprised that I was traveling by my own(!). And I was surprised that most of the people were traveling with a partner, friends or family. Only a handful people were there by their own and from time to time I realised why. I had days, when I felt numb and sad and alone. Most of the time when I had a lot of driving to do or when the weather wasn’t good. I spend a lot of time in the nature, but there were some days, when everything was too much. And I asked myself from time to time: “What am I doing here? Everyone has a good time with their friends or family, but I am here all by myself. I am freezing during nights, walking around in the rain and all my clothes are smelling. I want to be in a nice hotel or at least have someone with me to share all of this.” And yes, on these days I cried from time to time and ate a lot of sweets, too 😀 Realising that crying and sweets are good together and they really heal (at least for a moment while you are eating), I noticed quickly that at the end of the day it was me alone who needed to find a way out of this mood. So I started talking to myself. Ok, I do this at home, too, but I am trying to do that in silent in my head. New Zealand was different and my talking was actually loud 😀 “Kristin, don’t be stupid. You chose this by purpose. You wanted this trip and you wanted to do this on your own. So be tough, stop crying, go out, meet people and stop feeling sorry for yourself!” Guess what, it worked!

And on the other hand there were days (and this was 90% of the time) when I wanted to hug the whole world. I was happy and I’ve never felt so free. Deciding every day where to go, where to stay, what to do and what to skip. And I had a lot of time to think about myself and my life and about all the things that happened so far. Back home I worked a lot. Sadly, I put work first and neglected my private life. Not in the meaning of having no friends, but I didn’t see my family or sisters that often. And I never had my eyes and my heart open for a new relationship/partner.

When you spend 5 month with your own and especially 6 weeks in New Zealand, you learn a lot about yourself and you face a lot of topics from your past and have the chance to review all of this. The chance was there and I took it. Not always easy but totally worth it.



I cannot tell you what the most impressive thing in New Zealand was or my must see. But I can tell you that I am definitely more into nature than cities. The nature is so stunning and I could have spend easily more weeks over there. Walking and hiking and all these fun sports like Canyoning, Bungee Jumping, Paragliding and so on. I loved it!




New Zealand offers you silent places and relaxation, beautiful nature, fun action and loud cities with a lot of young people. And the New Zealanders taught me one important lesson: There is nothing you can not rebuilt or fix in your life. Every day is a new beginning and instead of facing the past and the things which are gone or you’ve lost, focus on today. See the good things you have today and take every loss as an opportunity to make things better. We only live once and instead of focusing on negative things or mourn about things we’ve lost, we should see the beauty of today and make the most of it. Make today wow in your own personal style!



New Zealand, I will come back, but next time in a more luxury camper van and with someone to share all of your beauty. You are lovely, a good teacher and you own all of this beauty, which calms you down, takes you by surprise and strokes your heart and soul and heals.

Thank you.

Yours, Kristin






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