Bangkok – crowded, noisy and hot!

My last stop on my journey is Bangkok. And guess what? Time flies by and my last stop has arrived, only 2 more days while I am writing this and I can’t believe it!

As I booked Bangkok, Michaela (the women from the travel agency) asked me if I were sure, because Bangkok as my final stop would be hot, sweaty, crowded and loud, so the total contrast to Bali. But I want to visit Bangkok, so I booked my stay and here I am. Yes, Michaela was right, Bangkok is hot, sweaty, loud, crowded, with a lot of traffic and always awake. But at the same time this city is full of tradition, spiritual places, temples, palaces, colours, delicious street food and lovely locals.

I arrived in the evening and met a girl from Canada, who is working here for 6 month. We wanted to share a taxi to the city but not a single driver wanted to turn the meter on. So we looked for a bus, but there was no one. Finally a Tuk Tuk came by and drove us to the centre. What a beginning and I was quite happy to have Rachel by my side 🙂

My hostel is a lovely place, right at the centre. I decided to go out and see what the neighboor hood is like and ended up on the Kaosan Road, which is the biggest party street here in Bangkok. This street is amazing, delicious street food, massages everywhere and a lot of restaurants, discos, and shops. I really enjoyed my first evening here and had Phad Thai with egg, fresh pineapple juice and a massage!


As I went back in the direction to my hostel, three guys offered me “Monkey Blowjob” and “Ping Pong Show”. I was very happy that a friend explained me earlier what this means and I just ignored this opportunity of seeing something new 😀

The next day I ended up in two huge Shopping Malls. The most favourite on is called MBK Centre and I have never seen something bigger than this. 6 floors full of shops but most of them are just stands so you are wandering through it all and I lost track after the first floors. You discover something new every few meters and you will find everything from fake handbags (every brand you have ever heard of), shoes, jewellery, electronics, furniture and food. It’s totally crazy and I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t buy a thing, because it was too much. My sisters would have freaked out and bought a lot of things, I definitely know that, but I decided to come back on another day with a clear mind 😀

The best thing on that day were all the Chinese. They came to the centre with huge bags and bought tonnes of clothes. I really doubt that they all knew what was in their bags, because they bought with such a speed and such a volume that’s hard to obtain an overview 😀

Next day I treated myself with sightseeing 🙂 And all I can tell you is WOW. The Grand Palace is just stunning and surrounded by lot of other beautiful temples and even on my way to the palace I visited to other amazing temples. In quite every street you’ll find huge temples with lot of gold ornaments, tall and short buddha statues and other breathtaking architecture.

As I finally arrived at the Grand Palace the police checked all of our bags, we had to be covered (shoulders and knees) and everyone had to show their ID. And that was just the control which surrounded the streets to the palace so I was wondering how the controls might be in the Palace.

Two more streets to go, but that took me ages due to the fact that hundreds of locals were here, dressed in black, wearing the symbol of the king and lined up in long rows to enter the Palace. The Thai King died weeks ago and the whole nation wore black for several weeks and everything stood still. There are some Thais who will were black for at least one year and the reason why so many of theme were at the Palace that day was, that the king is buried here and they are all here to show him respect. And it was Sunday, my fault to come here during weekends :p

As I entered the Palace I had to wrap myself up in another shell of linen due to the fact that I was wearing a long leggings. Leggings are too tight so with more than 40 degrees outside, I was wearing a leggings, a long skirt, a top and a long shirt on top of it. That was incredible hot and I think I have never sweated that much in my whole life! But this place was stunning and worth the sweat. So many beautiful buildings, temples, halls, statues and everything is covered with gold or built with such a details, that I strolled three hours through all this and I think that it will need another visit to observe all this.

I was so tired after that visit that I decided to take the boat for a while and then go back to my hostel.

On my way back to the hostel I had to pass the Palace again and it was quite nice to walk along the streets in the dark without all these people around. And then suddenly we all had to stay still and be silence. Every car stopped and all the pedestrians, including the military, stood still.

At this moment I remembered a sign in my hostel, saying:

“The Royal Family will be traveling to the Royal Palace during 6 am to 12 am, during these hours the Royal Carriage would commute through the carriage way in front of the hostel. We request that you:

  1. Do not open your room curtain.
  2. Do not go outside or stand in the lobby area.
  3. Do not stare or take pictures of the Royal Carriage.
  4. Stay inside until the commute is finished.
  5. If you are unable to come inside the building, please be seated and look down on the ground until the Royal Carriage had passed.

Please comply with our suggestions, failing to do so can result in severe charges by the Tai Law.”

So I stood still, put my camera away and looked down. Then 6 cars passed me and after 2 minutes everything was over and we all kept on going. All the locals had big smiles on their faces and to be honest with you, I was a bit scared and happy when I was back in the hostel that evening.

Two incredible days so far here in Bangkok and although I am so tired ever evening when I come home, all this is totally worth it 🙂

Yours Kristin





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