Singapore, I am coming for you!

Just a quick update and a short post about my arrival in Singapore.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetAfter Jakarta said goodbye to me with a little bit of rain, I entered the airplane with mixed feelings. On the one side I was quite happy to move to a new destination on the other side I was so tired of carrying my bag around, driving all the way back to the airport and then sitting in the airplane for 1:30h. I guess everything seemed a bit dark to me, because I felt homesick. Yes, even when you are 26 years old, you get homesick from time to time 😉

At the airport of Jakarta I went to Starbucks for a last coffee and changed all my Indonesian  money into Singapore Dollars. We entered the airplane with a delay of 15 minutes and on the plane I noticed that the plug in for my earphones wasn’t working correct. So I watched Suicide Squad more or less without tone and the Indonesian subtitles weren’t helpful at all 😀 For lunch I had the choice between chicken or fish which is quite nice especially when you are a vegetarian :p The flight was a bit bumpy and I was quite happy when we landed and I couldn’t wait to see Singapore.

The airport of Singapore is great. I mean they have Zara inside and they have huge trees and calm piano music and no one is rushing, everyone is calm and friendly and I knew that Singapore would be beautiful for the next 4 days.


The Metro is so clean, that you could easily eat from the floor and its easy to find your way. After 40 min in the Metro I arrived at my hostel, which is located near a huge mosque and surrounded by lots of bars and restaurants. I have a single room without a window, so the air is a bit smelly and the room is literally just my bed and a tiny sideboard. But it’s more than ok for the next few days. The great thing is, that the hostel gave me a mobile phone for free for using free data outside the hostel. On the phone are plenty of Apps about Singapore and lots of tourist things like the best restaurants, sightseeing tips and tours. After my stay I have to return the phone and I can easily delete all my data on it just by clicking on one red button 😀

Honestly I think, that every city should give free phones to its tourists. I mean that is the best way to be attractive for them and the city can easily use these phones as the best advertisement tools ever!

I used my phone straight away to find a huge supermarket nearby. I bought several things for breakfast because I am done with rice and fish and curry and eggs so far. Tomorrow morning I will have soy milk, cereals, oranges, yoghurt and coffee 😀 And the other great thing about my hostel is, that they have free coffee, tea and water! And with coffee I mean a really good coffee machine which serves you delicious cappuccino, flat white, mocha, Japanese tea and another tea, which is served with milk and its definitely sweetened… I don’t know what it is but its delicious. Right now I am having my third cup of this tea, but I have to stop now due to the fact, that the bathrooms are two floors away from my room and I am not looking forward to wander downstairs in my pyjama tonight 😀

Tomorrow morning I will do a free walking tour through Chinatown and can’t wait how Singapore looks at daytime!

Yours Kristin



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