Yes, no, yes, no … GO!

fullsizeoutput_80fWhen I left Gili Air two days ago, everything was a bit chaotic. I forgot to double check my departure time with the boat and if they had listed me on the passengers list. So I arrived at 7:00 am at the harbour, boat should be leaving by 9:00 am and they told me, that they didn’t have me on the list…. I wasn’t the only one and they told us to wait till 11:30 am. Really? It’s way to hot to sit here for the next hours just waiting. Luckily two passengers didn’t show up, so they told me to hurry up (by this time it was (8:29 and the boat should leave at 8:30). So I literally ran to the quay, threw my bag pack on the boat and went inside. Very happy and ready to go the guy from the office showed up after 2 min and told me to get off, because the missing passengers arrived. So I went back to the quay and then this other guy told me to go back in. I went inside again and all the other people on the boat already had this big smile on their faces, because I seemed to be the troublemaker this morning. Back on the boat again they called my name and that I should immediately leave the boat AGAIN 😀

I was standing outside the boat and they turned the machines on. And I shouted to the captain: “I need my backpack! It’s is still on your boat!”

“What colour?”, he shouted back. “BLACK”, was my answer. And they threw a yellow bag down to me. “This is the brightest yellow I have ever seen”, I screamed towards all the noise. And I noticed that the other passengers started to get nervous, because they obviously saw their luggage flying off of the boat 😀

The captain scratched his hat and told me: “Get on the boat and bring the yellow bag with you.”

Alright, here we go again 😉 Back on the boat I had a good ride back to Bali and arrived my destination at 10:oo am and the bus shuttle drove me directly to my hotel. What a nice trip 😉

I spend the rest of the day at the pool just enjoying a bit of silence and booked my hotels for Singapore and Bangkok and tried to book my flight from Singapore to Bangkok. Unfortunately there was no money left on my credit card so right now I am trying to shift my money from all my different cards to that one Visa Card which I need for this flight. Is not always easy to be a lonesome traveler with a lot of Credit cards, just because you need the safeness in case you being robbed. But honestly none of the travel blogs ever mentioned that it could be quite challenging to keep the overview how much money is left on each card 😀

fullsizeoutput_812For the next day I booked a driver who showed me around the south of Bali. His name was Gede Arya (pronunciation “Godday” like Good day). He was 23 years old, described himself as a business men and his biggest dream is to get on a cruise liner in Europe. But for applying for a job there he needs to save 25.000.000 IDR which is about 1.775 €.

He drove me to beaches and temples and I had a really good time with him. But to be honest with you it was so hot outside that I most enjoyed the time inside the car and the chats with Godday. We went to a supermarket and bought his favourite coffee for me and he told me a bit about balinesian traditions.

Whenever you are entering a temple you will get a scarf which you wear as a skirt to cover your knees. Most of the statues are wearing such skirts too, but with a black and white pattern. This is due to the fact that this skirt makes the bad spirits (ghosts like Casper as Godday explained me :)) happy. And black and white stands basically for the balance between good and bad. Happy and sad. Ying and Yang.


Balinese people always bring offerings to temples, their homes, on the street, their stores. This ritual is called Tchangan Sari (I really don’t know how to write this, sorry!). They all believe in black magic so it is important for them to offer something to their gods and make them happy, but at the same time they have to make the ghosts happy to. That was quite interesting for me, because in India you see all these blessings and offerings too, but they don’t do something for the ghosts.

Back at the hotel I had really good Indonesian street food and then chocolate and peanuts in bed, because I felt a bit homesick. But chocolate always helps so now I am all good again 😉

Right now I am at the airport and waiting for my flight to Jakarta. Hopefully I will find a nice driver who shows me around. Just two more nights and Singapore is on my list 🙂

Send you a huge kiss,



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