It was just a jellyfish…

My family left at the 1st of January and flew all the way back to Germany. I really hate goodbyes… so I left the hotel at 6 am and drove back to the harbour for taking a boat to Gili Air again. Different day, different boat, different way of traveling through Indonesia without having my family around.

This time the boat ride was way better, less waves and the captain dropped flowers into the sea every 10 km and prayed. I didn’t know if that praying should give me safeness or worrying me more, because obviously the other captains from last week didn’t feel the need to pray?!

Back at Gili Air my hotel was pretty nice. Not as comfortable as the one I had with my family, but due to the fact that I would spend most of the time at the diving center it was ok not to have air conditioning or warm water 😉

My favorite color is sunset.
Diving was so much fun and at the end I couldn’t get enough of being under water and seeing all this beautiful life there.

But to be honest with you, I was quite nervous before my first dive. I studied all the theory in advanced and learned the several scenarios you could die under water or by ascending too fast. So with all this background information I went to the boat which drove us the dive site. All I cared about was surviving and not meeting a shark 😀 But as soon as I was under water all my nervousness was gone and the sealife got me. After 10 min water started flooding my mask. During my pool training I learned how to get rid of the water but as soon as I cleared my mask, the water started entering again. I tried to communicate this problem to my instructor and he started adjusting my mask. Unfortunately it got worse and we ended up sitting on the bottom of the ocean. Me holding on to his BCD and he with my mask in his hands. I tried to see something without my mask, but gave up. The only thing I could see were the outlines of my instructor.

After a minute I had my mask back on, cleared it and kept on with my first dive. Even though the water had 27 degrees, I started freezing and as I learned, getting cold under water might increase the risk of decompression sickness. My fingers got numb and I felt pins and needles in my left arm and I was pretty sure to die immediately. So I taped the shoulder of my instructor again and showed him that I was cold. We made our ascent and safety stop easily and I finished my first dive with 54 min under water! Back at the boat I saw that a jelly fish had touched my left arm and that it was not the decompression sickness which caused pins and needles in it 😀 So I survived, got a bit cold and practices a full flooded mask on my first dive and my instructor was proud of me that I remained so calm under water. Gladly he didn’t know that I thought I would die because of a tiny jelly fish 😀

After 3 days of diving I got my certification as an Open Water Diver and I can’t wait to do my advanced course, because there is so much diversity under water and so many things to discover!

My list of underwater fish, plants and wrecks so far:

  • unicorn fish, butterfly fish, blue spotted stingray, turtles, sea cucumbers, sweet lips fish, octopus, eels, lobster, clown fish, scorpion fish, boxfish, trumpet fish and many, many more
  • bicycles, shipwreck

Yours Kristin

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.


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