Fall in love with Ubud

My sister booked us a beautiful hotel in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali. The hotel is just breathtaking, yoga classes in the morning, breakfast with fresh juices, coffee and eggs and an infinity pool which makes me want to stay for the whole day in the resort and not going somewhere else 😉

But Ubud is way too amazing for being lazy in the resort so me and my family agreed to spend every afternoon in the center of Ubud doing lot of shopping, massages, manicures and having dinner in the best restaurants ever! To share all of it I will just add a list of my favorite places below, so whenever you are in Ubud, try them!

I cannot believe that it took me 26 years to come to Bali. Please don’t save this beautiful place for your honeymoon. It’s worth a visit NOW. The people are so loving, always with a smile and they are all in a relaxed mood. Yes, things might take more time than at home, but that’s ok. You are on holidays in another country and being relaxed is much healthier than just trying to put as many things as possible in your timetable.

One of my highlights here in Ubud was definitely the visit of the rice terraces and the session with the healer, who did body reading and palm reading for me.

All the locals telling you that this healer is known from the movie “Eat, Pray and Love” with Julia Roberts, but honestly I doubt it, because it seems to me, that every healer uses this movie for advertising 😉 But nevertheless, our healer Agus lived in a beautiful place with lots of colors and flowers and it was quite an experience there.


I will not tell you what he told me and what he read from my body and my palms, but I can tell you that you should definitely visit an healer here in Bali, if you are a bit spiritual and believe in things like Chakra, horoscope, energy from the universe and maybe want to know a bit about where you are staying right now in your life, what lays behind you and what might come. So for me it was nothing really new, because being honest with ourselves, we already know most of the things. But from time to time its good to let someone confirm our feelings and thoughts or maybe help us out with topics in our life we struggle with.

I cried when my session was over, but not because Agus forecast was terrible, no I cried, because he knew things I kept for myself for many years and he told me how to get better with them and what I can do for not doing the same mistakes or maneuver myself in the same situations again.

Back from all the adventures outside of our resort I decided to treat myself with a pedicure. After walking barefoot through India, Australia and New Zealand my feet looked terrible and I haven’t worn nail polish since ages so I wanted to feel a bit prettier for New Years Eve 😉 After the pedicure my feet were soft like a baby bum, but unfortunately it didn’t last long. Back in my room I crushed into the wooden bed, my nail polish was destroyed and so was one of my toes. So happy new year with a broken toe, but a healed heart 😉

Wish you all the best for 2017 and in case you want to pay Ubud a visit, here are my favorite  places for you!

My favorite places in and around Ubud:

  • Take a taxi for one day and let a local driver show you around
    • Rice Terraces (one of my highlights)
    • Botanic Gardens (stunning during the orchid season)
    • Monkey Forest
    • Water Falls
    • Lake Temple
    • Royal Family Temple
  • Visit a healer who reads your palms and/or body
  • You cannot do enough massages and/or SPA treatments here
  • Yoga Barn, offers a lot of classes during the day and a delicious CafĂ© with cake, coffee,  fresh juices, tea, lunch and dinner
  • Go shopping in the city, you will find a lot of unique little boutiques with beautiful clothes, jewelry, cosmetics, shoes and so on


My favorite restaurants in Ubud:

  • Three Monkeys Café threemonkeyscafebali.com – ask for the dishes with which you support local projects 🙂
  • Clear CafĂ© (Jalan Hanoman No. 8, Ubud) FAVORITE PLACE – must eat is the raw chocolate pie for dessert
  • Il Giardino ilgiardinobali.com – handmade pumpkin ravioli and delicious pizza
  • Yoga Barn Café theyogabarn.com – delicious salads and lot of raw deserts!
  • Bridges Bali Restaurant bridgesbali.com


Yours Kristin





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