Tejaprana – energy of the sun

Teja means sun and prana is energy: teja+prana=sun energy.

img_0423Tejaprana is the name of our hotel here in Ubud and as I walked through the complex, I’ve noticed that they are using the sun everywhere. Starting with our Yoga room where you find a big circle in the roof, which allows the sun to break through and enlighten the room. Even on a cloudy day you will find enough sunlight to give the room a perfect light without using artificial light. Furthermore we have the same circle in the roof of our restaurant and in the lobby. We are surrounded by the sun, even when we are insight. Our hotel room has huge windows so the sunlight wakes us up every morning and the moonlight kisses us goodnight.

This morning we joined the yoga class, only 10 people allowed and due to the fact, that we are 5 in my family we filled half of the room 🙂 Our yoga teacher was a happy balinesian guy and with happy I mean, laughing, smiling and giggling the whole time. But not in a silly way, everything came from deep down of his heart. And he explained to us that he is doing laugh therapy, which means that you are laughing and smiling the whole day. I am really impressed by that because forcing yourself to smile the whole time or laugh even when you feel like crying is a tough challenge.

For our yoga class he told us that yoga is everything. While we are inhaling and exhaling, we do yoga. While eating, drinking and sleeping we do yoga. And in every little moment when we are paying attention to the things surrounding us, that is yoga too. So in case that we would find a pose challenging or feeling that our body becomes tires, we should smile gently. And that really helps, smiling to your body and soul and accepting that your body is tired from time to time allowed me to hold the pose longer or do it more accurate. And the next step (when you feel that smiling isn’t enough) is to make a shout loud voice. Uhh. Ahhh. Just to let some air out of your mouth, to wake yourself up and then you will see that it is getting better. And last but not least laughing is the best thing you can do. Just start laughing when you feel you have reached your limits. And as we laughed together in the class it was such a good feeling and everyone had a good time, that no one of us cared what the other guests might thing.


What I learned today is, that smiling and laughing helps, even when you don’t feel like that. And how important the sunlight is for us. It gives us light and energy and without it we wouldn’t be here. So while you breathe, you let the energy of the universe inside you and with exhaling you give it back. Giving and taking is our every day life and we are all interacting with each other. And when you are happy and you smile towards others, I promise you that you will get a smile back.

Yours Kristin



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