Bali, my little paradise.

After 9 hours of flying with New Zealand Air and Virgin Australia I arrived in Bali, but unfortunately my luggage didn’t. Till today I haven’t heart a think but honestly the only thing which I really want to have back is my diary and the rest doesn’t matter. Guess that is the way you become after traveling for 4 month – material things are less important to you and you don’t let a missing backpack ruin your journey. So right now I only have one slip, one leggings, one bra, one shirt and a pair of trainers and even my sunglasses broke 😀 But gladly Ani (my sister) has the same size like me so she shares all her stuff with me which saves my life and my holidays 😀

With a delay of two hours, I finally left the airport with nothing than my hand luggage and saw my family waiting for me. Laughter, tears and lot of hugs and kisses and I couldn’t believe to have them back 🙂

We spent one night in a beautiful hotel before we made our way to Gill Air, the smallest of the Gili Islands. As we entered the boat it was very crowded and loud  music was playing and we had to sit on the lower deck. The air was really bad and we all hoped for a fresh sea breeze as soon as we would depart.

But this boat ride turned out to be one of the worst ones ever. High waves were crashing left and right and we had to close all the windows due to the fact that the water was floating the boat. We all sweated like hell and the bad air from the beginning got even worse as it was mixed with the smell of kerosine. And then the first tourist started to chucked up and the mix of kerosine, sweat and you know what, was so bad that I had the feeling of being caught  in a place which you want to leave as soon as possible. But we weren’t at the islands yet. Another 45 minutes were laying ahead of us. And then the disaster continued, because every two minutes a new person started chucking up.

Me and my little sisters were breathing in a scarf which had a light smell of perfume and then I felt how I started to black out… after two hours we left the boat with our stomaches still riding the waves but the hotel was so beautiful that we all got better after the first cool drink at the beach and a little snack.

Gilt Air is such a beautiful little island where your soul can rest and you can regain all your energy. I really enjoyed the three days here with my family, being lazy, snorkeling, having great breakfast and dinner at the beach and just being busy with enjoying ourselves 🙂

We all were a bit nervous while entering the boat for the return trip back to Bali again, but luckily the swell was low, the boat wasn’t that crowded as on the first ride and we all had a calm boat ride and no one got sick! I think that was the best Christmas present, because it was Christmas on that day 🙂

After the boat ride we took a bus to Ubud and then directly to our hotel and I can’t tell you how beautiful it is in here. The street just shows an 2 meter wide entrance with no sign or anything which lets you know that this little paradise kept secretly behind it. We have our own infinity pool, free afternoon tea, spa and yoga. We have room service twice per day and the one in the evening just cares about preparing everything for a beautiful night without mosquito bites. So they are lightening up all these candles, serving you a bedtime story and plumping your pillows. We are looking directly into the forest and I know that the next week will be more than fantastic in here 🙂


And by the way, they found my bag back!!!

I am wishing you all merry Christmas with your loved ones and beautiful days in which you do yourself only good and good and good. Be gentle to your soul and be aware of all the things you have in life. Take a deep breathe and listen to the moment which is now and offers you so much.

Merry Christmas from me to you,




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