Top advices which will help you pretending to be a real campermate 

Before I came to New Zealand my camper experience came to maybe two weeks when I was a child and probably not more than three weekends when I was older… So my camping know-how was kind of limited and the only thing I really knew was that I needed Flip Flops for the showers and a torch 😀 Thank god my workmates gave me a pack sack from Meru because this was my life saver due to the fact that everything I needed for the shower and bathroom was in it. Toothbrush, towel, shampoo, brush, cosmetics and so on. Having everything at one place is the most important thing because then you are 1) quick, 2) don’t forget something and 3) in case you have to pee urgently early in the morning and don’t want to go twice from the car to the shower facilities point 1 and 2 are necessary… and believe me I had to pee urgently quite every time when I arrived at a campsite or in the morning 😀

So just in case you are planning to do some camping, here are my advices for you (not every point is high professional but it is the truth and what I’ve experienced)

  • park your car on an even ground unless you want to sleep with your head up or downwards or rolling to one site during night
  • when there is a free spot on the campsite and the rest is crowded ask yourself for the reason why?! Most of the time the toilets are nearby (so you have a light smell in the air) or a street light is right beside it 
  • you will need a wash bag with a tag because the floor is always dirty and wet in the bathrooms
  • have enough snacks and cans with ready meals in your car because you never know where the next supermarket is and where you will spend the night (unless you are really good in foreseeing the unforeseen things)
  • fill your water tank on every water station because it happend to me several times that I had to camp in the wilderness without planing it and you will need water for cooking and drinking 
  • buy a thermo and fill it with hot water every morning – perfect for having fresh coffee or tea whenever you want to especially when it is fucking cold outside
  • Selfie stick – when you are traveling alone you definitely need it! 
  • little backpack for little walks or sight seeing because having a bottle of water and sun cream with you is important
  • charger for the car to charge your phone and camera while driving
  • USB cable for the car to listen to the music of your phone because radio isn’t working while driving through the wilderness 
  • using Google maps on your phone instead of GPS because Google maps will find EVERY place and you can easily use the free wifi in every city to calculate the next route
  • medicine: first aid kit and some Arnica Globuli because you never know where the next pharmacy is
  • No bite for the mosquitos and sand flies
  • App for the campsites (Campermate or NZ Camper) it is perfect for finding the ideal spot for you whether you have a self contained vehicle, a tent or just a car 
  • a good book or audio book (but no horror stories unless you want to be scared the whole night)
  • a pair of warm socks for cold nights
  • no mascara or other make up things, no high fashion clothes (you will wear comfy pants and a shirt or top every day), and just sport bras (they are more comfy and you can sleep in them whenever you have to be prepared to leave during night due to wild camping or earthquake alarms) and only bring clothes you can wash and put in the dryer all together (waiting for the washing machine is annoying so you try to reduce the amount of washings ;))
  • and I know, no girl will hear this BUT functional wear is the best thing you can travel with. It is light, dries quickly and it is comfortable. Even the functional underwear is amazing and I have never thought that I will tell you this 😀 And what I also noticed is that there is great stuff in which you can look awesome because functional clothes don’t mean ugly outdoor sandals, sand colored zip-off trousers or caps with neck protection 😀
  • bring only one book with you because most campsites have book-shelters for exchanging 🙂
  • one pair of trainers, one pair of flip flops for shower and one pair of sandals or Birkenstocks which are comfy to wear when it is warm or while driving the car – you don’t need more shoes!!!!
  • no jewelry- you will find enough cute shops where you are tempted to buy something and then you can wear it straight ahead and don’t need “old” jewelry from home
  • and last but not least pack only stuff you will need at least twice per week and with all the stuff you are uncertain- leave it at home because you can buy everything during your trip and there is nothing more annoying than having to much stuff to carry around
  • oh and for all the girls : don’t bring that camping/backpacker shampoo with you which is light and reduces the weight of your backpack because your hair will be a mess therefore it is better to buy real shampoo and conditioner 😉

Yours Kristin 


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