39 days with Mysteron

6 weeks/39 days with Mysteron (that is the official name of my camper van) were unforgettable. I became a real camper during that time although one girl from Norwegian called me “Princess of the road”, because I told her that I need hot showers and instead of using my “cooking station” in the car, I am preferring campsites with kitchens. 

Being a princess or not, I am proud of myself because I drove by myself, I fueled up by myself, I shopped groceries and organized all my campsites and driving routes. And the best part is that I didn’t get lost and found all the places I wanted to see 🙂 I have to admit that I was quite tired from time to time and asked myself why the hell I had chosen to do this all alone, but today (sitting at the airport) I know that I needed this and that this was the right thing to do. 

Mysteron survived the 6 weeks with me and I only bumped once in a muddy hill while driving backwards. But gladly I am fully insured and the guy from the rental agency just said: “Honey, as long as you are fine we don’t care. Can Mysteron still drive? Yes? Than enjoy the rest of your trip, love.” 

It was actually the first time that I crashed something and not called my dad immediately which showed me that I kind of grew up here in NZ 😉 

To give you a better insight I will describe Mysteron for you briefly:

I am sleeping in the back of Mysteron. Three little mattresses laying behind each other, it is not that comfy and after 6 weeks my back is hurting, but it was totally fine for the trip. Under “my bed” I have a fridge and two spaces for grocieries/bags/clothes … I am only able to reach these spaces by lifting up the madresses so I am trying to minimize the number of times lifting up my bed. 

All my cooking stuff is in one basket which I can easily grab at once without collecting the stuff from all over my car. This is pretty good because early in the morning, when you are more in dreamland than on earth, you will definitely forget half of the things you need. So having everything in one place is perfect and I only had to return to the car three or four times 😉 

I have to say that I chose the simple and cheap way of living so I had lot of beans, pasta and simple rice meals in the last weeks. I can’t wait for fresh fruit in Bali although the fruits in NZ are pretty good and now is cherry season and this is delicious!!!!

While I am driving the batterie reloads my fridge so I don’t need power on the campsites which is easy going and cheap for me, because unpowered sites are cheaper than the powered ones. 

During nights I am closing all the curtains and Mysteron looks like a car which is used for funerals, when they drive the coffin to the cemetery. But the good thing is that no one can see me and I convinced myself every evening that everyone would expect a boyfriend next to me. That gives me a bit of security not to freak out with every noise I am hearing next to my car. During my whole trip I haven’t seen a single women in a camper van. All couples or friends or families. The only single female travelers I have met where cyclists who slept in hostels.

Every morning when I am leaving the car I kind look like destroyed… during the first days I was concerned what the other campers might think but then I noticed that we are all looking the same 😀

Mysteron and I were driving in the 250 km in average at the North Island. For the south I still need to do the calculations;) During our drives we had the most winding, scenic and beautiful roads I have ever seen. I am quite happy that my dad taught me to drive our bus in the Alps therefore I am used to the winding and narrow streets and not afraid. And the left hand side traffic was ok as well. To be honest it was even easier in the beginning for me because as long as I had the feeling of being on the wrong side of the road, I knew that I was right. By the end of the trip I got so used to the left side that I was hesitating from time to time which side was the correct one because right now left feels better than right and that is kind of scary. Because I know that in Germany there are no signs which are telling you “Keep right”, “Turn right” or “Here right”, whereas here in NZ you will find them on every corner.

Yes, that’s basically how my life looked like and it was a good experience for me. But for the rest of my trip I will enjoy the comfort of a real bed and definitely some massages in Bali 😀
Yours Kristin 


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