Mt. Cook and a bit of homesickness

Let me start yesterday. I visited Oamaru a beautiful little town where lot of artists and designers settled down. So I was busy spending the morning in galleries and good cafés and I also visited a Steampunk museum which was pretty cool.
At 3 pm it started raining so I decided to drive further south in the direction of Mt. Cook. The camper app showed me a free campsite in Omarama and I googled that there is a McDonalds so I would be able to do a back up with my phone and maybe call my family.

As I arrived it turned out that Omarama is just one street. No McDonalds and just one sports bar. I asked them if they would show the box fight this evening which took place in Auckland, but they advised me that they had to pay for it… $2000 !

So no wifi, no boxing, but at least it stopped raining.

Arriving on the campsite I was so tired from all the driving and I felt homesick. So I slept at 9pm in my camper and hoped for a better day tomorrow.

This morning I started early. 7 am on the road to Mt. Cook with a blue sky and the panorama during my drive was stunning!!! 

I arrived at 8 am and as I parked my car a lady came by asking me if I stood here tonight because I parked near the campsite but haven’t had a payment bill in my car. I explained to her that I just arrived and then after a coffee I started walking.

Mt. Cook was the whole time in front of me. 5 km one way with a spectacular panorama and I was so happy because there are 200 days every year where you can’t see the peak of the mountain. But today just blue sky, no clouds and I was feeling way better than yesterday!

After that hike I had lunch and went for another hike. Much steeper and much more sweat running down my back 😀

On my way back I was so busy with looking at the panorama and talking to myself that I took the wrong way and ended up on a steep rock. No way in front or behind me. Ok the first time I had to crawl under a bush I was a bit wondering because I couldn’t remember having done this on my way back. And as I slided down a rock and landed on my bum I was wondering too but not that much that it forces me to turn direction…

And there I was, at a cliff with the walking path 10 meters under me.

I had to climb and crawl through the bush all the way back and was quite happy as I reached the path. To be honest I saw myself spending the night here and crying!

Back at the village I enjoyed ice cream and coffee in the sun with Mt. Cook right in front of me 🙂 And the hotel, where the café is placed, looks like a James Bond scenery. I tell you it is the perfect spot for the next James Bond movie!!!!

I will spend the night here and tomorrow I am driving back to Lake Tekapo. The weather forecast is rainy so I it seems to me that I have chosen the perfect day 😉
Yours Kristin


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