Australia in a nutshell

Ok, this post is far too late, I know that because I was in Australia 6 weeks (!) ago, but anyways sometimes it is not too bad to write some things with a bit of a distance.
I remember the night of my arrival like it was yesterday. I had these 4 flight from India all the way to Australia and was totally exhausted. A shuttle picked me up at the airport and the driver asked me: “Hey Kristin, I think you booked the wrong drop off, because you are staying in the YHA Hostel, right?”

And I told him that he was right and he just said: “Don’t worry, I will drop you off at the right place so you don’t need to walk through town during night.”
That was the first moment in weeks where I had the feeling to be able to let go some of my stress and put my trust in others. Because this was the first conversation where I could be sure that we did understand each other and I was not worried ending up in a total different place than actually planned. In India it was sometimes quite hard with the conversation and during a TukTuk ride you always double checked the way with google maps and made sure that the driver wasn’t lying to you 😉

And then I had the first shower with water pressure and it was hot and I could open my mouth without facing a dellybelly afterwards 😀
During the first days I was super excited whenever I saw a little cafe and all the clean streets, everything was super good for me and I did not take anything for granted. I think that was the moment when I realized how important India was for me and that I learned my lesson and got to know how high standard my life was and is.
Three weeks in Australia is way too short to see everything but what I saw was stunning, beautiful, diverse and I had a really good time. I saw beautiful cities with cute cafés, bars and restaurants a lot of museums and (street) art but on the other side I saw beautiful nature.
Fraser Island was definitely one of my highlights! So so beautiful and the two days on the Fraser Explorer Tour were so much fun 😀

And all the drives with the car along the coast with beautiful white beaches, the ocean and all the little towns I have passed. And then the Great Ocean Road at the end which was a bit touristic, but stunning as well. For me it was the first time to see such rock structures, blowholes and water bridges. And although the weather was not perfect, I really enjoyed the time here.
So whenever you want to have adventure, meet new people and have the perfect mix of big cities, surfing hotspots, white beaches and the sea – Australia is the right place! But be aware of all the dangerous animals around here. They do exist, I have met them several times and it is not fun being alone in the middle of nowhere with the fifth most deadly snakes in the world….

A lot of people told me, that I could look forward to New Zealand in case that I would love nature, hikes and just being outside. And that there is nothing more beautiful than the landscape of NZ. BUT I would not have so many people around or so many big cities and that it could be very silent and calm from time to time. That was exactly what I wanted to hear because after all this busy and diverse and challenging life in India and then Australia with so many impressions too, I could need some silence and calm places. What I didn’t know at that time was, that NZ would give me some challenging days when the loneliness would be a bit too much and the silence around me would allow all the thoughts in my mind to come up…

But I will tell you about that later because right now, it is Australia what I am talking about and I loved it and I want to see more of it some day!
Yours Kristin 


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