A short update

The last couple of weeks were full with action and a lot of driving. I did a Bungee jump, went kayaking, did a paraglide, hiked/swam/jumped through a canyon and went sailing. Can’t believe that I did all this and to be honest I cannot tell you what the best of this was. I mean I didn’t plan one thing I just listened to myself every day or life showed me a flyer or a sign and then I just booked the attraction spontaneously. Everything worked out perfectly and I am very happy and thankful for this.
I drove along the west coast and ended up in Bluff, the most southern part of NZ. Now I am on my way back to Christchurch where my flight is on the 20th of December. Right now I am in Moeraki where the Moeraki Boulders are. Round stones which are over 4 million years old and when they crack they are shimmering inside. 

I was there yesterday but decided to come back today early morning. And this was even more beautiful. It was a bit cloudy but you could tell that the sun would make it over the day 🙂 The sea was rough but gave me enough space to walk along the beach to the Boulders. As I reached them at 7:15 am no one was there. I sat on the biggest one and enjoyed my hot tea with the view of the ocean. Such a calm and peaceful place. Yesterday I was rushing and just took a couple of photos because I wanted to see the penguins. But this morning there was no rush and I just sat there and enjoyed the place and the energy which surrounded me. 4 million years old stones and round like someone has carved them for years. Another wonder and proof how beautiful and stunning nature is. 

After finishing my tea I went back to the campsite had a shower and now I am sitting in Vanessa’s Café having breakfast and coffee. It is the only Café in town so everyone is here and enjoys pies, coffee, stones and pancakes. 

Yesterday I had really good fish&chips in the only restaurant in town and no store accept my card so I had to pay everything cash with my $25 😀 Today I need to find an ATM just in case I will stop in another small town 😉

Oh and by the way the penguins and the seals yesterday were amazing. They are living here in Moeraki and every evening they are coming out of the water and some seals were just laying on the path we walked along and slept there. Sometimes they opened one eye just to have a short look who’s around but then continued sleeping 🙂 

I sat at the beach and watched to seals playing in the water and I am pretty sure they kissed. And the. a third seal came close to me and looked me in the eye and I am pretty sure it wanted to have my attention because it started to swim in circles and clapped with its fins as soon as I said HI 🙂

Penguins, seals, snakes, koalas, hawks and a lot of gulls – who needs a Zoo when you are traveling the world?

Yours Kristin 


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