The never ending competition 

I am traveling since August which means that I am more or less 4 month away from home. I am half way through my trip and cannot believe how fast time flies. During the last months I have learned that I love the calm places more than the touristic ones and that I am really into hiking, walks and nature and not so much into nightlife, party and big crowds.
Well it might seem to you that it is a bit boring what I am doing but actually for myself it is perfect. I am all by myself which is not always easy but I have the freedom of being spontaneous and there is nothing better than this. And while spending so much time on my own I am learning a lot of things about myself :p

I am doing a lot of things like bundgee jumping, canyoning, paragliding or hiking just because I want to do them and I am fine doing all of this for and by my own.
Whenever I am meeting other travelers and start talking to them the first questions are always the same: “Which car do you drive?” and “Where have you been so far and what did you do?” 

And no matter what my answer is, their car is always bigger and better and their places are always more beautiful and the things they have done are always a bit better than mine…. seriously? I didn’t know that traveling is a competition. Will the airline ask us who did the highest bungee jump or who hiked the most kilometers? And in case you were a lazy traveler they will not take you on board?

I don’t think so! And I am tired of competing in everything. Competition can enhance you in doing stuff but when it comes to your inner health and feelings you should stop competing with others and just listen to your heart and your inner voice. And when they are telling you to have a lazy day or just sitting in a café reading, than this is the perfect thing for you and you should definitely go for it!
My sister gave me a little book before I left with her highlights here in New Zealand. I am reading it every day and it is the best travel guide ever, BUT I am also doing my own stuff here because everyone of us is different and likes different things. And to be honest with you I am still learning and trying to do this because sometimes I do have the feeling to miss something when I am not doing the exact same things like others are doing here…
I am traveling by myself and enjoy the nature. Others might do every activity they will find and there might be also those people who are loving the nightlife and enjoying this while they are here. So comparing your trip with others is nonsense. It is always fun to here what others have experienced so far but you and your journey will always be different and that is ok because we are all different in our own way. I am learning this here and it is not always easy because I am tempted all of the time to do the things others have done. But to be honest with you: the most beautiful things I have experienced so far are those I did completely by myself without any recommendation of others. When you are traveling in your own pace and take the direction you want to go, everything will be fine and it doesn’t matter what others might think of you because it is YOUR journey and the only thing that matters is that YOU are happy 🙂
Yours Kristin


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