Hey there, south of New Zealand

Last week I took the ferry from Wellington to Picton. We parked our cars on the fifth level and walked all the way up to the observation desk. Leaving the north and going to the south was excited because everyone tells you that the nature is even more stunning, beautiful and awesome 😉

During the ferry ride it was so windy that I decided to spend an hour in the café where you had quite the same view but with windows in front and no wind 😉 The scenery was stunning when we arrived at Picton. Huge mountains, rain forests and a lot of sailing boats 🙂

First morning in Picton and we had rain. But you know what? I am getting used to it by now because my first mornings are always with rain here. I started my drive to Nelson and Motueka by 7:30 and when I arrived at Nelson t was perfect weather with sunshine and blue sky and I decided to take a rest, stroll along the city and having a coffee.

I went to a church where you could chose your favorite christmas trees wich children had prepared for weeks! My favorite one was a pink one with lot of glitter and there were these three memorial trees where you could write something on a star and hang it on to the tree. It was for all the friends who can’t be with us this Christmas or our loved ones we’ve lost. What a wonderful idea and of course I pinned a little star on a white christmas tree.

Back in a beautiful café with a long black in front of me I booked a paraglide flight for the afternoon spontaneously.

My dad used to do this when he was younger and I always wanted to know how it feels like being up in the air with nothing else than the feeling that the wind carries you.

I drove to Motueka along the coast and the sea was perfectly turquoise and I wished that someone else would have drived my car because I didn’t want to look away from this stunning sea !!!

Motueka was fun. Just tiny but nice and so many things to do. I did a short coastal worked, grabbed a coffee and then time was ready to do the flight.

I can’t tell you how awesome and breathtaking this feeling was being up in the air. A little plain pulled us up till we reached 2500 feet and then we dropped of the leash and it was just me and the pilot up there enjoying a stunning view. 

When he ask me to do something crazy I said immediately YES and then we flew without hands, spinning around and one moment the nose of our paraglide was facing the earth and I just laughed and enjoyed the moment.

A perfect start here in the south and I can tell you: it is beautiful down here! Reminds me of the Alpes and I do love them so I am in paradise right now 😉

But in my opinion you cannot not compare north and south. There are “same same but different” like the Indian people would say 😀 

I will enjoy the rest of my three weeks here and I am feeling a bit in a rush because I know that there are so many more things to do and that I could easily spend another 8 weeks here. But I will do my best to see as much as possible and to enjoy as much as possible 🙂

Yours Kristin


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