The Hashtag Clue


This is the hashtag I am using for instagram to describe awesome things/situations/moments/feelings which are kept on a picture. #collectmomentsnotthings

And now I am asking myself if it is really the right way to collect memories by taking photos? Wouldn’t it be better to collect them just with our eyes, our ears, our nose? Seeing, hearing and smelling are the best things to pay attention to a situation and whenever we want to memorize this moment our brain can bring up the beautiful picture, the amazing sound or the light smell… or am I wrong?

In case you are wondering why the hell I am asking me this, well I have deleted every photo which I took during this entire journey from my iCloud 😀 I was so sad and so angry with myself. All these pics gone forever. No second copy – nothing!!!!!

Ok most of you would tell me that this is stupid not to have several back ups on a usb stick. But I tell you what: being on such a trip with nothing more than a bag pack and always on campsites and with adventures every day and new challenging situations – I am quite happy when the wifi at Mcdonald’s is good enough for a back up with my phone which doesn’t take me longer than an hours… except of India – no chance for a back up there 😀

So that’s it. Everything that is left is my blog and the pictures in here. Ces’t la vie!

(Writing this I had a call with the Apple support and after 30 minutes they found my pictures. Thanks god! But anyways I will continue with this post ;))

After one or ten moments of tears and anger I started to ask myself where the deeper meaning of this is. What is it that life will show me? 

I am laying in my camper now. The day is is over and half an hour ago I couldn’t have told you wether the day was good or bad. Just because of the picture deleting thing. But now I can tell you: This day was a good one and I have learned something.

I didn’t use my phone today and guess what? Every moment is still there. Not on a picture but in my mind, in my memory, forever. And today I have noticed so many little things that, I am pretty sure, I haven’t had seen throughout the lenses of my camera.

And this is the moment where I finally understand the hashtag I am using for the last weeks. Collecting moments not things means that we should be aware of the fact that live happens now. Moments appear and disappear and if we don’t pay attention, they will be over and there is nothing left. Not a picture and not a memory in your mind.

So yes, it is sad that all my pics are gone, but the good thing is that I now know that my travels don’t rely on pics. I don’t need them to tell you how wonderful, unique and beautiful every day is. Photos might fade away but my memory never will. 
So I will keep on with #collectmomentsnotthings and of course I will do some photos but it won’t be my highest priority for the rest of my trip to get that one perfect shot!

Yours Kristin 


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