What does Camping in New Zealand and my host mom in India have in common?

Do you remember what my host mother in India used to say about the simple life? Living a simple life is much harder than a rich one. Two month back I agreed and thought that a simple life means cold showers, limited amount of water and a wooden bed with a thin mattress on it. Not comfy, but ok.But now I know it better. A simple life means manual work. It means not having proper materials to clean your dishes or to wash your clothes. Not having access to fresh water at all and living in a narrow place.

Somehow I am experiencing it right now. I am not saying that I am living like a poor person, but camping shows me a total different way of living. 

Every morning I need so much time to get my things done. First of all you need to do your bed. Than going outside for brushing teeth and dressing up.

And then breakfast. Having cereals or sometimes eggs, but warm breakfast means putting out the cooking station, installing the gas and more dishes to clean afterwards … so I am thinking twice to do that 😉

After breakfast you need to clean everything up: dishes, camper and most of the time yourself 😀

Having all set you are ready for the day and I am always wondering how long the whole procedure takes.

After a day of driving and camping and preparing meals and cleaning my camper (you may have noticed that the cleaning of my camper is important for me but let me tell you one thing: when you are living in your car for the next weeks you want to have it clean and organized ;)) I am so tired that most of the time I am sleeping at 9 or 10 pm. 

Today I have the most respect of my host mother who did all of this not only for herself but for the whole family and us volunteers. We can be so thankful for having big houses, machines which are cleaning dishes and clothes and in case that we don’t want to tidy up – it’s ok we just can change the room or moving to a space in our flat where everything is nice and clean.

Well I am curious how long I will clean everything up like that but I gave me the promise not to become a smelling camper in a smelling car 😀 

Giving my best every day!

Yours Kristin 


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