Free campsites and a light smell of mariuhana in the air

When you are traveling it is all about saving money or better saying managing your money and spend it for the right things. So in the beginning of my trip I thought about using cheap campsites but I wasn’t aware of the fact that these campsites don’t have showers or very rarely when they do, these showers are cold! As you all know summer hasn’t arrived yet here in New Zealand and I am sleeping with my hat on and most of the time covering myself under the sheets and just my nose is looking out for breathing :p
So cold showers are not option to me and that’s why I am spending most of the nights on campsites where I have a kitchen for cooking and warm showers to be heaten up.

Nevertheless every now and then I am staying on the cheap once and this one night I found a free campsite.

Taupo – 7 pm and I arrived at this campsite near the river. It was so crowded due to the fact that it was free and a lot of camper vans, tents and young people were around. I wasn’t the only new arrival here, I arrived together with three police cars, only difference was – there sirene was on, I only had my lights on and was happy that they worked (remember the car in Australia with just one front light ;))

I wasn’t sure if these police cars should scare me or make me feel safe? Very quickly I noticed that they should scare me because the police officers arrested two drunken guys who were yelling at them. Ok, I will definitely lock my car from the inside tonight! 

Actually this campsite reminded me a bit of school: 

There were the cool kids with their big cars, loud music was playing g from the inside and they stood around, smoking cigarettes and wearing muscle shirts so that everyone could see their tattoos. And of course all the girls were around. Flirting atmosphere, lot of beers and the night was about to begin. 

The other corner was occupied by the “nerds”. Waterproof jackets, camping chairs and tables, good tents and of course everything organized and no beer cans around. They looked a bit lost on this camping site and while they were cleaning their dishes one of the cool guys fell of his chair with a girl on his lap and they were both destroying a tent nearby. I started laughing about them and was happy to be safely in my car all by myself 😉

And not to be missed there was a group of teens right next to my parking slot. Apparently they had finished school and wanted to see the world or at least New Zealand and they definitely tried to become a member of the cool gang. I felt old because my inner voice was telling me: “I should go over and tell them to dress properly. It is too cold to wear shorts and a crop tops. It’s time to get some fleece on and probably brushing teeth and cuddle into the tents.”

I kept my mouth quiet instead and started wondering how I got right in the middle of them? Ok, it was the only free spot but as I realized later, there were several cars parking right in front of the campsite … but to be honest I would have missed all of this by parking outside 😀

While I prepared dinner there was this one handsome guy and oh my god he had a good flirting strategy: He brought his fluffy, fat cat with him and passed the corner with the teens. 

The sound of high voices started immediately: “Oh my goood. How Cuuute. Uuuhhhh hello sweeety….”

I guess they meant the cat and not the guy but anyways he used the cat to make contact with the girls! I was wondering if the cat owns her own tent or if she had to share the camper with this flirty guy who was definitely my highlight tonight 😀

Oh and by the way, did I tell you that it happen three times during my stay here in NZ and Australia that I hit the horn by accident early in the morning when I tried to unlock my car from the backseat? 

So my alarm is at 6:30 am tomorrow so maybe this will happen once again… :p

Camping can be so much fun, but tomorrow I will prefer a campsite where the police has never been to, where your neighbor is over 60 and wakes up early for fishing and where the only smell during night is the bbq which your neighbor had for dinner and not the slight smell of the weed smoking guy next to your camper van – honestly I have to drive tomorrow can you please smoke somewhere else???

Good night, Kristin


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