How New Zealand welcomed me

Can’t believe it but the first week in my camper van is almost over and it was a crazy week. New Zealand welcomed me with lot of rain, cold nights, a stunning nature, loving people, new friends and an earthquake! In fact my highlights were the hike through a volcanic valley. Seeing all these hot springs, smelling the air which is a lovely combination of egg and farts and feeling the hot steam in your face – impressive! And the nature is so stunning! The hot water will boil everything which comes too close but existing nearby is beautiful and so many wonderful plants are growing and animals are also enjoying the lovely warmth 😉

I swam in healthy thermal water, went to the cinema, had lots of hot coffees, visited Hobbiton and of course I had my first big shopping trip for buying food and water just to be ready for the road in my camper van 😉

But the most stunning and impressive adventure was the hike through the Waitomo Glowworm cave! I tell you there is nothing more beautiful than this.

This morning the sun came up – finally!!! I had my breakfast outside together with three handsome men who were repairing the roof of the reception at the camping site. While I enjoyed cereals, fruits, nuts and hot tea, they had their second breakfast which was cooked on the grill: onion rings , meat, toast and ketchup. Their dogs strolled around being more interested in the leftovers of the bbq than my cereals :p We had a good chat about politics, the weather and of course the point that I am traveling alone. 

Right now I am laying at a beautiful lake at a basic camping side. Just blogging a bit while the sun sets and due to the fact that I was too lazy for cooking I just had 7 nut bars 😀 I am wondering if I can turn into a nut someday????

Good night and sweet dreams


Volcanic Valley:


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