Cape Reinga

The first night here in New Zealand in my camper van wasn’t really nice. It was raining and we had thunder and lightning. And I was a bit scared like always during nights (even though I was on a campingside) so I parked my van next to a street lamp – best way to have a night light like a little baby 😀 I slept in Pahia, Bay of Islands, and even the next day wasn’t better. I took the ferry to Russel and strolled around this little town, went back to my car and headed further north to Cape Reinga. 

Cape Reinga is the most northern part of New Zealand and it is so beautiful. All my negative thoughts and my complaints about the weather went away and I was just impressed by the beautiful nature up there.

Just a small and simple camper ground and a lighthouse at the very end of the cliff – feels like I had arrived in paradise once more. The Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean become one here in the north and the Māori myth is telling that you will find a 800 years old pohutukawa tree whose roots hide the entrance to the mythical Māori underworld. This point is known in the Māori legend as Te Rerenga Wairu, where the spirits of the dead depart the earth. Isn’t that beautiful?
And no matter if you are a spiritual person or not, you can feel that something is up here. No one lives here and you will see just cows and sheeps during your ride up here. During your journey you see the nature changing and you are leaving all the tourists behind. Stepping in another world and feeling that New Zealand welcomes you with all its beauty and peacefulness.

At the beginning of that 2 hours drive to the north where except of sheeps and cows is nothing, I took a couple with me who tried to hitch hike for more than two hours. They are walking through whole New Zealand during the next 6-7 months! 3000 km and every day they want to walk a distance of 20km!!! They are carrying everything they need: food, tent, fresh water, …. I am really impressed by this and to be honest I doubt that I could make it. 20 km every day is a lot and you do have to love your partner a lot, too 😀 I mean there will be days when they are not seeing a single person around. It’s just the two of them walking and walking and walking. They told me that the first part, the 90 miles beach, is the toughest because you only see the never ending beach for days. That’s the part where the majority of the people quits, but they will not. I felt it, they are real travelers and due to the fact that Steffie has to eat porridge every morning although she hates it, gives me an idea of how much she wants that 😉

When I dropped them off at Cape Reinga they thanked me a lot and said that I have helped them to start there trip! That was a good feeling for me and I knew that my trip has started at the same time. Going from north to the south and seeing and enjoying as many things as possible. New Zealand I am coming for you! Are you ready?

Kiss Kristin

Black Beach in Muriwai:

Hot Water Beach:


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