Auckland – my start in New Zealand

Auckland is a city. Mmhh as you can see it is not my favorite one. I don’t know why maybe the reason are all the tourists and the majority of them is from germany and under 20 years and ready for party and party and …. party! My hostel is the typical place – every night there is something different from free pizza to live music to happy hour or just BBQ and free beers. Ok, it is not too bad for the travelers who want to have a good time but I came to New Zealand to be in the nature and to experience freedom, silence, nature, history and camping so the total opposite to this 😀

I decided to join a free walking tour to see Auckland and get in touch with the first historical lesson here 😉
The history of New Zealand is not very old. The oldest building in town is 100 years old, but you have to start somewhere, haven’t you? The Island is full of volcanos and some of them are still active. Furthermore New Zealand has a stunning nature. Here are some trees called Kauwi trees which don’t stop growing and their roots are everywhere. You will find some places here in NZ where those trees are covering everything. And while they are huge on the outside, their roots within the ground are twice as big but so delightful that you have to be careful while walking around. 
After three hours of walking we stopped under a huge tree and while we were resting in the shadow of that tree our guide told us more about the Māori culture. There are still about 600.000 people in NZ who are Māori or directly related to them. So the culture is still there and people doing their best to keep it. It is not a culture with lot of written things, the Māoris have lot of rituals, dances and songs they are teaching to their children. 

When the british people first arrived in NZ they brought next to guns and weapons also diseases to the island . Some of them had the yellow fever and they infected the Māori rapidly due to the fact that the welcoming gesture here is ROBING your nose against each other. So you come very close together and the fever spread rapidly and killed lot of Māori. 
It was just a quick glance at the history and I will definitely tell you more about it as soon as I have visited another museum 🙂 
After the tour I took the ferry to Devenport and enjoyed the walk to Mount Victoria with a beautiful view of Auckland. And I had a really good veggie Burger and the room mates back in my hostel were quite interesting.

Two girls unpacked their bags and the whole room looked like exploded. And the other guy told me he had never visited a big city like Auckland and I think he was under shock because till morning when I had left the room, he hadn’t move or left the room. He was just laying on his bad telling everyone how big this city is. I told him not to be a pussy and to do the free walking tour the other day. He asked me to join him but I told him straight away that I have no time because my camper van is waiting! I think telling him that I will be on my own for the next six weeks in my van gave him his second heart stroke 😀

So Auckland was nice to see but I am looking forward to be on the road again and leaving the city and exploring New Zealand!

Kiss Kristin 


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