Peeing in public in the middle of the night

To save money I decided to drive back from Portland (Great Ocean Road) during night and going directly to the airport of Melbourne. The drive is about 4 hours and I had Fish&Chips for dinner at the harbour of Portland and felt ready for driving 🙂

Google maps told me where to go and so I took not the biggest road but the fastest. After 45 minutes of driving a koalabear crossed the street. As I came closer I saw that on her back was a baby koala and they both were so calm while crossing this street that I stopped the car and yelled at them: “Lizzie you can’t cross the street with your baby Fritz during sunset. It’s hard to see you and so dangerous. So come on please hurry a bit and go to the other site.”

Lizzie and Fritz were both watching me and then Lizzie moved on to the next tree and gave me a last glance. 

It was the first time in my life to have a wild Koalabear that close to me and even with a baby!!!! What a perfect start to my night drive.
The sun went down and I listened to my favorite spotify playlist eating sweets and drinking 1,5 liter of Sprite. The perfect roadtrip back to the airport and enough time for dreaming about my next destination New Zealand.
But actually after an hour it was really really dark and I was in the middle of now where. Not a single car passed my way. I mean the sky with all the stars was beautiful but it was also a bit scary being here all by myself and of course my phone showed me that I had no service at all…thank you google maps, maybe you should add another option to “avoid toll zones” and “beautiful roads” to your menu with the option “scary drives during nighttime”….
So while I was driving and not thinking too much what would happen in case of an accident I felt the need to pee! 1,5 liters of Sprite have to go somewhere… that was not part of my travel plan 😛

Due to the fact that it was too scary outside, I held my fingers crossed and my waterworks tight and hoping for a petrol station soon(!) … but there was none and so I had to stop my car in the middle of nowhere for peeing … ironically the main actress in my book died in the last chapter I just had finished the night before. She was alone in the forest and a guy cut her throat!!!! And now I was sitting in the middle of nowhere in Australia, thinking about this book chapter, scared as hell and I swear to god if someone popped up next to me I would have jumped directly back in the car without lifting my pants!

I was so scared that I am still wondering how I managed to pee there in the Australian bush??? But I did it and I survived 😀
Back in my car I turned on the music, thanked my guardian angels and went to the airport. 

At the airport: 

6 more hours till my flight to New Zealand departs and I am feeling like Tom Hanks in the movie where he lives at the airport. While I am brushing my teeth at the toilet, the girl next to me cleans a pan in which she cooked before. Mmhhh did she use the kitchen of McDonald’s? Because this was the only restaurant which is still open?

At the end I slept for two hours with my feet on my backpack and my hands around my small backpack. I was freezing a bit due to the fact that I sat right in front of the entrance door but I was so tired to move to another spot.
And now the best part of all: At 6 am in the morning I checked in my backpack and they gave me an upgrade to Business Class!!!! 

Haven’t had a shower for two days, one night without sleep and just brushing my teeth at the airport toilet … I thought first time in Business Class would be more luxury for me but after a quick wash at the toilet and a long stay in the duty free perfume department I was ready to go on board and having 3 deluxe hours of flying 😀

Yours Kristin 


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