Pure wildlife and Pasta Pesto

You can drive along the Great Ocean Road (everyone knows that) but you can also walk along it! Due to the fact that I am driving alone in my little Suzuki I decided to walk at least 14km to see how the area looks like when I hike 🙂 I walked from Blanket Bay to Parker Hill and back. It took me 4 hours (14 km) and it was stunning! I walked through rain forest with nothing but singing birds and the sound of the wind and I walked along the cliff with the sound of crashing waves underneath me. And no one was around it was just be and the sound of nature 🙂

Speaking of nature a Tiger snake crossed my way! And we were both frightened and scared but unfortunately she (I named her Elda) was the one with the poison. So I tried to stay calm and talked to her nice and gentle and after she showed me her flattery neck and did the sound like Scar in the Dschungel book ‘tzzzzzhhh’, she winded away. Puh, that was somehow scary and from one to the other second it was not that cool anymore to walk all alone through the rain forest… 

But I told myself not to be stupid and maybe just looking a bit more careful on the path as I was walking 😉

After an hour I felt the need to pee. But due to the meeting with Elisabeth I was to afraid to go into the forest…. what’s worse? Being bitten by a snake and die or being seen by some other hikers while peeing? Definitely the death! And guess what?! I just peed on the track hoping for the best 😀

King of the day I would say. Before 1 pm I raised my adrenaline level twice 😉

The rest of the walk was easy peasy, no life threatening situations anymore. On my way back (I was talking and singing to myself because there was still no one around) another lonesome hiker waved hectic at me gesticulated that I should be quite and come to her side. She was a nice lady from England with two walking sticks and real hiker boots and looked much more serious than I did.

As I reached her she pointed to an animal which looked like a big fat hedgehog and sh told me that this animal is really rare and life threatened. She was so excited that she took at least 50 pictures and forced me to do the same. I did so, just being happy that she talked to me and was not thinking that I am a complete idiot because I was singing so loudly when she started waving to me 😀

Back in my car I was tired but happy and completely overloaded by all this stunning nature and the pure wildlife I was in 🙂

I had Pasta Pesto for dinner and nuts as desert and felt into a deep sleep. 

Yours Kristin 


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