Camping sucks when it’s raining!

Ok thinking about my trip here in New Zealand with six weeks of camping I imagined myself sitting in the sun, surfing, relaxing and driving around wearing my sunglasses and my bikini the whole time – how naive! Right now it is raining. Not only a little bit, actually it is raining cats and dogs and camping sucks! Everything is wet and it is cold and my car is smelling like a tiger cage 😀 Really I try to open the windows once in a while but the rain is everywhere!

I gave up all my travel plans I had so far and drove to Rotorua. Here are many indoor things to do and I booked a guided tour with a concert through a museum and a hike in the glow worm cave in Waitimo 🙂 Right now I am sitting in the cinema, because that is the thing I usually do back home when it’s raining ☔️ 

During my drive to Rotorua I asked myself what is the lesson I should learn from these raining days here in paradise? And do you know what? Rainy days give us always the opportunity to be thankful for the sunshine in our life. And they show us how beautiful the sunshine and the warmth is. And to be honest with you I told myself stop being a pussy. I am thankful for having a car right now and not a tent(!!!) and the other and more important thing is that I was not affected by the earthquake. 

At the moment there are no ferries to the south island and they are thinking about evaluating Wellington. So my thought are with those who suffered from the earthquake and I am praying that the sunshine will return soon and help them to find their way out of these rainy days.

Kiss Kristin


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