Next stop: Great Ocean Road

Driving along the Great Ocean Road I noticed that this is the first time in my life that I am traveling and living without having the next day planned. Without knowing where to slee or how far I would drive I just hopped into the car and started.A strange feeling and not that easy for me but I know that this is the kind of task I need right now, right here.

My car is a little black Suzuki and it was love at first sight. So here I am, ready for the road!

First stop Geelong – Queenscliff. Beautiful little town with a beautiful beach and houses with gardens full of wonderful smelling flowers. It was so windy this afternoon that I just went around for half an hour and then back to my car again. Listening to the radio, eating nuts and driving along this beautiful road – paradise on earth! 
Second stop was Torquay. Also a beautiful beach with surfers to watch 🙂 

I enjoyed a hot coffee at the beach bar where they sold surprisingly fabulous cakes and cookies and the guy who sold it was very handsome – guess this is their selling strategy and for me it worked 😉 
I spend the first two nights in Apollo Bay, because it is half the distance of the road and the hostel was so perfect that I decided to be a bit lazy and just enjoying this place without driving too much. 

From Apollo Bay you can easily drive to the rain forest for hikes or go surfing or be very adventurous while visiting the fly treetop hike where you walk in a height of 25 meters 😉 

I decided to do a 14 km hike in the rain forest. You can read more about it in my next blog post.

On my way to the rain forest I saw a lot of people standing beside the street – maybe an accident? But no it was no accident it was just a Koala at the top of the tree! The Koala enjoyed fresh leaves while all the tourists were taking photos of him and blocking half of the street 😀 

When I passed the third scenery with Koalas and crazy tourists, I decided to become a tourist, too. I parked my car and went back to the Koala. On these 200m I spotted three other Koalas so my advice for you: don’t stop where everyone else is stopping. Just stop somewhere you like and then just walk with your head held high and watch out for these cute Koalas. 
My favorite Koala was the third. He sat 25 m up high and enjoyed the most delicious leaves up there. The whole forest smelled like a fresh spring forest with light green leaves and fresh wood. And the Koala tried really hard to get the very best so he did a balancing act and was quite athletic to reach its food. During this athletic event its bottom turned towards me and gave me a good laugh 😀 Immediately two mosquitos bite me…. guess they were telling me not to laugh about someone who is so into his love of food 😉
After the two nights in Apollo Bay I drove to Port Campbell. 

On this part you will find the Gibson Steps, 12 Apostels, Lorch ard Gorge, London Bridge and the Grotto. It was so touristic but the funny thing was that the sign to The Grotto was broken so half of the tourists missed it and it was a bit more quite 😉 

At some point I really had to fight with the chinese people to get a good picture of the scenic landscape. But to be honest with you, after being pushed three times really hard to the site I gave up and bought a hot coffee at the cafe nearby and watched the spectacle from inside my car where it was warm and not so windy and cold and crowded :p

In Portland I went to the Petrified Forest and standing up there in the sun I saw a seal in the water enjoying the waves. She, I named her Elisabeth, was a lonesome traveler, too. 

Standing there on top of the cliff with the wind blowing a salty smell to me, feeling the warm sun on my skin and watching Elisabeth swimming I felt happy and finally arrived. The waves were crashing with such an intensity to the cliff that I once more was impressed and a bit scared of the power of nature. Happy not being with Elisabeth in the water down there I went back to my car because the ride back to the airport of Melbourne waited for me. 400 km – I prepared myself with a stop at a good Fish&Chips take away restaurant and 1,5 liters of Sprite 🙂

Yours Kristin 


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