The feeling of leaving your comfort zone

A new beginning, a fresh start, an unknown situation and new people – all of this causes a bit of nervousness which you slightly recognize with the prickling in your belly every time something new knocks on your door. At least that is my way of feeling when I jump into something new. 

During my trip I had plenty of new situations and I know that there will be many more. In the beginning I thought that this feeling might go away after a while but now I know better : it won’t disappear but you will get used to it 🙂 In the past I tried to avoid this feeling. Leaving my comfort zone and dealing with something completely new is always something which costs you a bit of an effort and courage no matter how much you want “the new thing”. Going on this trip is all about leaving my comfort zone. Every day again and again….

I am on my 10th flight within three month right now and I am still double checking my gate, the correct departure time and of course the triple double check check check if my passport is still in my pocket 😀 But I am not frightened anymore or scared that something might not work out. I like the feeling of starting with something new and discovering he sees around my comfort zone. A new place with new people, new situations and new challenges/learnings. Isn’t that what life should be? Going out and challenge yourself? Leaving your comfort zone or just trying something new you haven’t done before? Could be the discovery of a new place or just the talk to a stranger or even the biggest challenge – talking to someone you didn’t like and get rid of all the prejudices and starting all over again.

Life is too beautiful to be busy with the things we already know. I am trying not to hide and whenever there appears the feeling of better staying in my comfy zone I remember myself : now I am going all in and leaving my comfy zone because I know that it’s going to be amazing!

So waiting for my tenth flight to Melbourne I got an upgrade to the business class. Well my last shower has been a while ago and I am looking and smelling like a real camper 😀 I imagined my first business flight totally different but after a quick wash on the toilet and lots of perfume in the duty free I am looking forward to my seat in the business class and hopefully no one smells me 😉

Yours Kristin 


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