Melbourne at a glance and an adoption offer

Melbourne is a beautiful city and reminds me somehow of New York. I couldn’t wait for the free walking tour and of course I want to share the most important/funniest facts with you!

  • In 1850 gold was discovered in Melbourne and not only a little bit! This gold rush boomed the economics and the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney started. It is said that Melbourne had a gold amount worth 20 billion $. Melbourne grows dramatically during this period.
  • During this time Melbourne had 40 police officers – except of two everyone quit their job to look for gold 😀
  • In 1860 the gold rush was over
  • The next period was called Marvelous Melbourne period – it was the generation who spend all the money from the gold rush (so the children spend the gold their parents had found) and Melbourne boomed. That boom was over in 1893; banks collapsed and a desperation stared – Sydney overtook Melbourne once more but nevertheless Melbourne owns the most marvelous buildings since today
  • Melbourne was the first city which introduced the 8 hours labour day
  • Aborigines lived here 40.000 years ago and still do (5 tribes). A guy called Badman bought more than 600.000 ha of land from the Aborigines and became the biggest land owner in the world during that time. Unfortunately this trade was illegal because the Aborigines didn’t own the land they were selling :p
  • Since 1990 the government changed a gastronomic rule so it is easier for little cafés to open up. Today every arcade is filled with cute little cafés and no longer empty. A dutch architect described it that way: “You can compared these arcades with a donut. Which was an empty hole first is now filled with the most delicious jam and chocolate :)”

I really enjoyed my free walking tour on that beautiful sunny day. I met a couple from Israel who came here to visit their eldest son. As soon as they got to know that I am traveling alone and driving by myself (!) they were so shocked and impressed that the husband immediately asked me if he can adopt me. And his wife screamed : “I always wanted a daughter!” 

I really don’t know why this is such a big deal that I am traveling alone? Even in the hostel another german girl asked me quite seriously: “Don’t you have any friends? It is so sad that you are traveling alone, isn’t it?”

No actually it is the best thing that could ever happen to me. When you are traveling alone you get to know so many new people, you can do whatever you want to do and change your plans for the day from one second to the other! And by the way you can and will do anything by your own. You don’t need someone around for help. Seriously we are living in a world where everything is possible. There is not a single situation you cannot handle that is what I have experienced so far.

There are always ups and downs during such a trip but I think this is the reason why you are going on such a journey, right? To get to know life in a different way, in a way when it is not that comfortable every time and when you find yourself in situations you would normally avoid.

During this sight seeing tour our guide told us about Kelly, the most famous gangster in town. He was 25 years old when he gained the dead penalty due to a lot of robberies and one year of hiding from the police. And do you know which were his last words?

“Life is like that.”

This sentences burned into my memory due to its simplicity and its truth. Life is not only candy cotton and everyday sunshine. Life means also rainy days and storms and sometimes it is so foggy that you can hardly see the sky. But to be honest with you I think that these days are the important ones. On these days live is teaching us a lesson – we learn and we grow. 

So thank you for giving me the adoption option but I am totally fine here by myself, enjoying this journey, this city and this beautiful day!

Yours Kristin 


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