A rough start in Melbourne

At 10 pm the airplane from Sydney to Melbourne departed and I was super excited to reach the new city even I was so tired from the day in Sydney. I arrived at 11:30 pm and there were no trains or trams around so I needed to walk. 2.5 km with my backpack but I decided to take it sporty and due to the fact that it was so cold in Melbourne a walk was good to heat me up 😀

While walking through Melbourne I noticed that the city had as many hills as Sydney and there are a lot of churches around and stores with the latest fashion 🙂 But no shopping for me – my backpack weights 17 kg at the moment and remember I have started with 13kg! Ok at the moment I am carrying two Lonely Planets for New Zealand around and all the cosmetic, suncream, shampoo and conditioner for my 6 weeks of camping in New Zealand. 

But nevertheless as I walked through Melbourne a lot of drunken young people crossed my way so I guess Thursday night is party night around here 😉

After 35 minutes I arrived at my hostel “Home at the mansion” and it really looked like a mansion 🙂 I rang the door bell twice but no one was around so I waited in from of the door in the dark while inside of the building all lights were on. 

I called the reception and heard and saw the phone ringing inside but there was still no one around. I was freezing, it was dark and I wanted to sleep …

And then a total drunken guy came around. First he scared me with his black sweater and the hood nearly covered all of his face. But very soon I realized that he was so drunk that he couldn’t harm me because it would just take a little punsh from me and he would lay on the ground :p And don’t forget my 17 kg backpack – the best weapon when it comes to drunk people 😀

But life told me a lesson once more in that night: don’t judge people from the outside- this guy stood in the hostel as well and he had a key for the door!!! After ten minutes he opend the door (he had some difficulties with finding the keyhole) but after 10 minutes we both entered the mansion.

He went to bed and I waited at the reception. I rang the doorbell, called several times and made as much noise as possible but there was still no one around. Not to forget that I had chosen this hostel due to the 24h reception!

After an hour I decided to sleep on the couch in the floor. They would see me there and I could at least rest for a little while. Wearing all of my jackets and being wrapped in an old blanket I tried to sleep but I was freezing so it was not that easy.

At 5 am I went to the reception again and there was this girl sitting and staring at me and asked me: “Hi, how can I help you?” 

“Maybe with checking me in?”, I responded. “Oh honey the check in is at 12 pm so you have to wait for another couple of hours.”, she told me. And the. I answered in the most kind way: “I don’t think so. I paid for this night and I am sleeping on the couch freezing my ass off for the last 5 hours. So please can you check me in?”

She was confused, surprised and shocked and gave me my room immediately. I went up to the second floor and found a room with not a single bed which was free. So back to the reception and then again looking with the girl together – ok I was right there was no free bad. A call with the manager, I went up to he third floor and then finally got a bed at 6:30am !!!! 

That was not the easiest start to be honest with you. Without brushing my teeth or changing my clothes I just layed on my bed and slept 2 hours till my alarm went on – Melbourne here we go. With a lack of sleep but excited to discover you and pretty sure that we will get along easily after my first coffee 😉

Yours Kristin

P.S. I managed to get my money back for the first night after having a huge dispute with one of the bosses. She told me in the beginning that it was my fault that no one heard me… But I explained her that it’s not the task of the guest to make as much noise as possible to do the check in. It is the task of the hostel to have someone at the reception to welcome every guest even when it’s 1 am in the morning 😀


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