From Coogee to Bondi to Aladdin

Today we decided to do the Beach Walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach. Most of the people do it the other way round but we had several shopping addresses and restaurants in Bondi and so we decided to do the workout first and then the good stuff 😉 The weather was quite hot and the walk was busy but so beautiful. You are walking along the shore from beach to beach always listening to the sound of the crashing waves.

While we were walking two bowling fields appeared. Only old people with walkers stood on the grass and pushed bowling balls from side to side. These bowling balls were a bit smaller and lighter than the normal ones and didn’t have wholes for the fingers in it. They called it “Clowelly Bowling – a combination of walking and bowling”. On the other field were young people who did the same. But to be honest, the old people did a better job!

We continued our walk in the midday heat (probably not the best idea) and grabbed us ice-cold drinks from a kiosk on half way. The owner was laughing because everyone from us walking tourists just bought sugar sugar and sugar. We had Sprite, Coke and a Jelly worm for Col.

In the next bay we spotted people just laying around on a concrete parking deck although they had the beach and the sand nearby. While they were lazy in the sun, I was wondering how comfy this might be just taking my towel and laying on a parking slot???

And then we reached the most stunning view and place during this walk. A huge cemetery on a hill with the ocean underneath. All these graves made out of white marvel with their crosses and angel statue were amazing and a deep peaceful silence layed over this place. 

I read a lot of the inscriptions of the graves and it was so interesting to read all the names, dates and reasons why those people died. The reason of death was always mentioned and this fact made it even more interesting. It was like a time machine and I could have stayed here the whole day. Such a beautiful place which I will never forget.

In the evening we went to the musical Aladdin and this was the perfect last evening in Sydney. The musical was amazing and we had good laughs about the genie 🙂 Furthermore the musical here in Australia is like cinema for us in Germany. We ate Popcorn and drank cold drinks, everyone was laughing and clapping and I would describe the atmosphere more interactive and relaxed. During the break I sneaked out and bought sweets from the kiosk across the street. M&M’s and sour gummy worms 😀

Happy and satisfied we went to bed with the music of Aladdin in our heads 🙂

Yours Kristin 


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