The Melbourne Cup and a tattoo

Every first Tuesday of November the Melbourne Cup is celebrated. It is a huge horse race and people use this event to dress up in fancy dresses, suits and fascinators, to party and of course to bet.The Australien’s are spending 1.500$ on average every year on betting – so the Melbourne Cup is one of the biggest betting events and you could see that while walking through Sydney.

Al these fancy people, music everywhere and lot of locals had the afternoon off from work to celebrate the cup with their friends in restaurants and bars. And everywhere on the street you could bet and hope to win!

After lunch it was quite busy in the streets and I couldn’t get enough of watching all these people. It was like being in Great Britain with all these women wearing fascinators. And as I used the washroom of a fancy restaurant I met a women who was perfectly dressed with a blue dress with red flowers, a black fascinator on her head, red lipstick and high heels. She told me that this is her first official event/party and that she is sooo nervous and excited about it. I told her several times that she is looking amazing and then we said good bye and she probably had the best night ever 😉 

As the day walked by I had the feeling that all of them were way more excited to wear their new dresses than actually seeing the horse race 😉

But it was fun to watch and sub a spectacle that I was so happy to spend this day here in the city. We walked across the Harbour Bridge and along the Opera House and the sun was shining and everything was perfect 🙂

At 5:30pm we went to the tattoo studio to get Cols first tattoo done. I think I was way more nervous than she was and the artist calmed me down with Lindt chocolate while Col layed in a relaxed way on the bench waiting for the artist to begin.

After 15 minutes it was done : a perfect little elephant on Cols left leg!!! 

To celebrate her first Tattoo, the Melbourne Cup and our road trip we went to a vegan restaurant for dinner and for desert we grapped a coffee, belgian chocolate and walked along the Opera House once more to have an amazing view of the Harbor Bridge during night with all the lights. 

The walk was so beautiful and the perfect ending for this day.

Yours Kristin


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