Mermaids in Sydney

On my last day in Sydney I decided to visit the Sealife and learning more about fish, shells, Great Barrier Reef and mermaids 😉 So I went to the aquarium with lot of children and tourists from China :DRight at the beginning they placed water tanks with the blue fish which is Dori from the movie Finding Nemo. And all the kids drove crazy! There was this one little girl who was so excited and screamed directly in my ear: “Oohhhhh mommy watch this!It’s Dory! Dory, Dory I love you! Mommyyyyyyy!”

During a shark talk I learned pretty cool things about these animals. Sharks need to move for breathing because they soak the water and absorb the oxygen and then let the water out. So while they are sleeping they need to move constantly. That is the reason why they are swimming around a known area during night. That allows them to turn some parts of their brains off like a computer in stand by mood. Although they are in a sleepy mood they still have some protectors on their noses which recognize heartbeat and muscle movement to alarm them when for example another shark comes around 🙂

There was one shark in the tank which was number one. Eats first and being the boss of the tank although he was not the biggest fish, but as I learned it was the most aggressive one. During feeding I saw the fish hierarchy – the shark had its meal first and all the other ones waited for it to finish. Amazing how nature works!

My highlight of the visit was the moment when I touched a sea star in the “Kids Discovery” area and learned a lot about the ocean and the pollution. So do me favor and use recycled bags and avoid plastic bags. Try not to drink every drink with a straw because it is plastic too and probably might end up in the ocean. 

Oh and I learned something about mermaids! Today it is pretty sure that the seamen spotted dugongs and no mermaids. They are also called “ladies of the sea” and are swimming with gentle movements and holding their kids in an upright position which looks similar to humans. And when they are communicating the sound is similar to our singing. But nevertheless I like the idea of mermaids in the sea called Ariel 😉 And I saw Dory from “Did you see Nemo?” 

And another cute thing is that Sealife rescues a lot of fish and tries to release them back in the sea. But this one sea cow wasn’t interested in it. It’s name is PIG and they released Pig into the sea after raising him till the age of 3. And then after 6 month they found him, having lost 25% of his body weight and so they decided to let him live in Sealife with his friends and so he is still here happy as a sea cow can be 😉

And do you know why these sharks don’t eat the smaller fishes in the tank? They are too lazy. They only go for dead, old, ill or weak fishes and due to the fact that they know exactly that they are getting food,m they never ever touch another fish 🐟 

This underwater world is amazing and so fragile and even we are not living in the water and do not see it we should be aware of it and protect it. It’s beautiful and so diverse and we shouldn’t be ignorant till it’s gone. We should try to be thoughtful now.

A beautiful day here in Sydney with so many new things that I have learned about this beautiful world we are living in.

Yours Kristin 


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