Why Rum isn’t the best currency…

Ok today I am the typically tourist, Col and I take part in a free waking tour to learn something about Sydney and see every bit of this amazing city!First thing I have learned today is the fact that Australia doesn’t have an old history but it wished for one… so every building was designed in an “old” way to at least look like much history :p 

Furthermore the Australien’s had no currency in the beginning and so they used Rum as a currency. That is the reason why the first hospital in Sydney is called the Rum Hospital because it was actually financed and paid with Rum 😀 And by the way it was only built due to the fact hat they were so many accidents during constructions because all workers were drunk the whole time. So they decided to built this hospital but in the end it was never used like one. Today it is the Parliament 😉

Really guys I like the locals here, their history is crazy and funny like they are and they never get tired to make fun of it!

As we walked through the city I told Col that Sydney reminds me of New York and 5 minutes afterwards our guide told us that Superman and Matrix where filmed here at the Martins Place because everything looks like New York City 😀 

We went to a huge shopping mall where we spotted the first Christmas tree and it was decorated with Swarovski stones worth 30.000$!

After three hours the tour was over and I was more than satisfied to have all the background infos and insider tips about Sydney 🙂 

And before I forget it: Today is Melbourne Cup, a huge horse race and everyone drives mad around here 😀 I will tell you about it in the next blog post !

Yours Kristin 


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