If Paris is the city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.

Here we are – in Sydney in our cute little apartment in the area Kings Kross near Surry Hills. 

From our balcony we can see the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and if you use Tripadvisor here you will find many cafés, bars and restaurant nearby. So it is the perfect place to stay for the next days 🙂

Once more Sydney offers us good restaurants and a lot of cafés with home made bakery stuff! On our first night (after we strolled around and washed our clothes in an laundromat nearby) we went to Ms G’s, a fancy restaurant/bar where we had good food and a lot of people to look at. I felt a little bit lost in my Jack Wolfskin Jacket while all the other girls wore High Heels, way too short dresses and lot of make up. 

But my Sprite was for free because as Col told me, the barkeeper had an eye on me. To be honest with you I think he probably wants me to go away from the bar in my outdoor look as soon as possible 😀

On the second day we went to the blue mountains. What a breathtaking nature an in fact the forest seems to be blue when you are looking from above! We left the train in Katoomba after a two hour drive and first stop was coffee, what else? 

We found a good coffee nearby the train station and the owner was so cute. He gave us lot of tips for the blue mountains and served us coffee and Chai with so much love that we decided to come back on our way back to the train station.

It was a bit cold in the mountains but our walk kept us warm and the view was stunning. I am really interested to come back for doing a real hike and exploring more of this area.

For the next days we planned a trip to Manly Beach, Bondi Beach, lot of cafés and restaurants on our bucket list, Aladdin musical and Col will get a tattoo!!!!!

I am so exited to be here and will enjoy every minute 🙂

Yours Kristin


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