Barbie surfs in Byron Bay 

After a long car drive we reached Byron Bay at 1 am in the morning. During our ride we noticed that the left front light from our car wasn’t working but I told Col to ignore it and in case that a police car would stop us we should probably play the “I don’t know nothing and am blonde an cute” girl-card 😀
During the ride we entered the Wales time zone so we are one additional hour ahead to Brisbane now.

I just parked the car in the middle of the night on a parking slot with lots of signs telling us “no camping” and “camping strictly prohibited”. At 8 am we drove to the camper ground right in front of the beach. Blue sky, sunshine and strong wind and the most important thing of all: so happy that we did it 😉 Ok I had the help of Col as my personal DJ and two tall coffees (Salted Caramel and Toffee) – with sugar you stay always awake 😉
After a 2 hours nap at the beach and a shower we went to the center of Byron Bay for breakfast. Byron Bay is just a small town, but no matter which street you are entering there are the cutest cafés and restaurants around and lot of surf stores and little boutiques. 

After breakfast Col went to a massage and I lend a surfing board to catch some good waves. My wet suit was pink and I was the only girl in the water, feeling like Barbie in between lot of Kens 😀 Most of the Kens looked like real surfer boys with wavy hair, sun taint and tattoos but to be honest with you : I did a better job in my pink wetsuit on my surfing board than they 😀

For dinner Col spotted a lovely Thai restaurant were we had awesome food and a street musician right in front of us who was blasting!

Our table was the perfect spot to oversee the street life and I can tell you that the people here in Byron Bay are worth the look. They all have this Hippie chic, looking like australian easy-peasy-chiller and most of them are so relaxed that they cannot speak in whole sentences :p Twe words “alrighty” and “no worries” which you say at the end of every sentences here in this chillaxed area are definitely one of my favorite things 😀 I think Col will kill me after these two days here, because whenever we decided something I finish my sentences with these endings 😀
Another good thing is that the restaurants have open till 9 or 10 pm (way better than Brisbane) and you do find coffee shops that have open after 8 pm!!!!
Listening to the beautiful street music Col had the best apple cider and I went across the street to buy me some ice-cream. And that ice-cream was worth the walk across the street! Chocolate and strawberry chocolate fudge caramel… welcome to ice-cream heaven!!!
While we enjoyed our dinner and the evening I learned a new thing from the backpacker community with “how to save money”. Two girls sat beside us and ordered a bottle of white wine. To save money their food was reduced to plain rice. No vegetables or sauce or anything else. Just two plain rice bowls… alrighty maybe I am trying this by the end of my trip in January 😀
What a beautiful day and evening here in Byron Bay. Tomorrow we are heading off to Sydney. Hopefully we will make it during daytime, because our front light is still out of order :p

Yours Kristin


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