6 hours to Sydney

After this week in our camper I am feeling quite comfortable driving around. The traffic is less hectic than back home in Germany and we don’t need to talk about India 😉 Maximum speed is 110 km/h and along the highway there are plenty of signs telling you where to find the next sight seeing point or bigger city. First stop on our way to Sydney was Coffs Harbour. We had lunch in the harbour Beach Club and walked along the beach afterwards before entering the camper again. With a huge mug of coffee and several nut bars as desert we started to New Castle – 4 hours drive so we should probably arrive by 7 pm. 

One of my highlights during this ride was definitely the gas station. Our tank was quite low so I turned to a tiny gas station in the middle of nowhere. As we entered the place all truck drivers were staring at us and it wasn’t getting better as I left the car to fill the tank up. I think all of them have never seen a women driving or fueling 😉

As I came back from paying (left Col all alone in the car without locking it from the outside and was a bit worried) a new Pick Up had arrived. 4 Ponys on its loading area and a women with no teeth telling me to give those Ponys a hug and then she told me their names and that they were off to a competition to the village nearby. Col was laughing inside our car and I was stuck hugging these Ponys and talking to the women with their strong accent 😀

And then her husband came around and told me: “Come on girl I need to tell ya somethin’. Where are you goin’? Sydney? There’s a police car at the street. Watch your speed! And do me a favor. I can’t fand that guy! Put him off the street and hit him real hard!” And then he laughed and laughed and laughed.

I was right before telling him: “Sir I will not crash into a police car only because you cannot stand the man behind the wheel. Furthermore our front light isn’t working and I will not end up here in little Texas in prison!”

But I wasn’t sure if I had understand everything correctly so I thanked him and left the gas station quickly 😉 And guess what?! After 3 minutes of driving we saw this police car!!! 😀

Another 3 hours on the Pacific Highway and a good laugh…. life is wonderful!

While we were driving I stared to get tired and bored because Col took a nap and I had no one to talk to. So I decided to push every button in the car which the women from the agency told me not to do. And one button turned off a tlittle lamp and at that moment the gear was better. The rpm counter went down from 4000 turns to under 3000 and I had no clue what this button was but it was way better without it 😀

Of course we arrived by night near New Castle for spending the night here and leaving the next morning to Sydney. We drove to a Camperground in Morissete (small village with just one street) and this was the spookiest camperground ever! In the middle of the forest. No lights. Only a few camper. And a owner who lives in his own camper on that area, collecting cans and spotting every stranger with its flashlight. He allowed us ton park even the camperground was closed because he couldn’t square leaving us with his conscience. “It’s just because you are two girls.” , he told us and I wasn’t sure if this was a good or a bad sign 😀 

Nevertheless we drove to a pizzeria nearby and had the best homemade pasta and Gnoccis ever, went back to the camperground , looked the doors from inside and fell asleep.

It is always an adventure here in Australia 😉

Yours Kristin


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