On the road again on Fraser Island

Second day on Fraser Island, second day in our bus and Wazz (our driver) turned on his favorite music.

“I can’t wait to get on the road again,

Explore places that I have never seen,

Driving with my bus to the most beautiful scene,

I can’t wait to be on the road again….


Listening to that song, driving along the beach with the perfect blue sky and sunshine at 8 am in the morning was a perfect start in the day. While we were driving along the beach, a little plane arrived just next to us on the beach. The handsome pilot came to our bus and told us that we could do a flight now for 20 minutes, seeing the island from above.

What a great opportunity – it took me a second to decide wether to drive with Wazz- listening to his favorite songs or flying with this handsome pilot 😉 and discover the Island from above…

8:30 am and I already was up in the air seeing Fraser island from above. It was stunning to see the island from above and to see everything from the day before. For example Lake Wabby in the middle of the sand dunes…. the lake was so tiny in comparison to the sand! Furthermore Fraser Island is quite green. Before the flight I was pretty sure that the island would be sandy from above but from the plane I saw just forest and that was impressive. And all the lakes and the 75 mile beach!!! As the Co-Pilot I sat in front of the plane and had the best view. I think my smile was bigger than every sand dune under me 😉

The pilot told me that round about 400 people living here on Fraser. The rest of them who are working on Fraser Island come with the ferry or the planes every day. The people who are living on Fraser have their houses from the time before the island became world heritage.

After 20 minutes of flying we landed softly back on the beach and jumped in the bus. Wazz told us that we had missed snakes, wales and mermaids but at the point where he mentioned the mermaids I doubted everything 😀

On our way to the first sight seeing stop for today Wazz told us a few interesting things about Fraser:

  • the name Fraser Island is just a nick name, originally the name is K’gari which means paradise
  • Fraser is build on a rock; after the EISZEIT the water level sunk 120m and the sand was collected on the rock. This rock protects Fraser from shrinking 
  • 300 m^2 of new sand are coming every year to the island 

After 40 minutes we arrived at a ship wreck from world war two. During the first world war it was a medicine ship and by the end of the second world war the ship stranded on the island and is still here at the beach. We strolled around the wreck and it reminded me on Titanic. 

Along the beach we saw professional worm catchers. They are catching worms (about 1 meter long) and they sell them for 1,50$ per peace. These men were so quick in catching these worms that I was once more impressed by the fact that there is not a single day without learning something new 😉

In the afternoon we took a swim in the champagne pools and my highlight was to walk through an ice cold Greek with fresh water. Ice cold fresh water that was not higher than 1 meter but the current was quite strong. Lot of people took their air beds and ride through the Greek. Col and I enjoyed the walk through the green nature and the cold water around our feets while the sun was shining above us. It was like paradise walking through the crystal clear water and forgetting everything around us. 

At 3 pm we left the Greek to get the ferry at 3:30 pm. With all these Germans on board we were punctual the whole time and if someone (most of the time Col and I) was 5 min late, everyone was yelling. Oh my god we are all on vacations keep calm !

On our way back to the ferry we bumped in the bus once again and listened to Robbie Williams with “Angel” and Blondie with “The tide is high”. And as the song title says, Wazz told us that the tide was way to high for 3:15 pm. The waves came shortly and we weren’t able to drive along the beach. The only opportunity for us to reach the ferry was the way through the island. We needed 3 times to overstep the soft sand which was like a barrier between the beach and the island. After Wazz released the air of our wheels and our finger crossed we finally made it! Col and I were hoping for the best to catch the ferry because we had another 5 hours of driving with our camper ahead due to the fact that we wanted to reach Byron Bay the next morning 🙂

Wazz drove us safety to the ferry and with the words “cover the earth before it covers you” he said goodbye and released us to the main land. 

Rain forest, beaches, lakes, sand dunes, the Kellerman Resort, lot of tourists, warm champagne pools and cold Greeks, bumpy bus rides, lovely people, a breathtaking flight and a lot of sunshine – unbelievable that we experienced all of that in just two days here on Fraser. The meaning of K’gari (paradise) is nothing but the truth and I am so thankful and happy that I did this. 

Lot of WOW moments thanks to Fraser Island and I am so thankful for this adventure.

Now we are driving to Byron Bay, having a tall coffee, good music and the snoring sound of our camper. I am feeling like a real bus driver at the moment, too. Back on the road without knowing what the next day will bring….

Yours Kristin  


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