The adventure begins on Fraser Island

Two days adventure on Fraser Island! I couldn’t wait to take the ferry from Inskip Point to Fraser and starting to discover the island. It is the biggest sand island in the world with a length of 124 km and width of 25 km. You will find 90% sand and just 10% rocks on it. It is based 240m above the water level.The 90% sand was visible as soon as we arrived with the ferry. Our bus drove along the beach always on that part where the waves left the sand seconds ago due to the fact that this part was the best sand to drive on. After a while we turned left to enter the rain forest and even here were all streets just made out of sand sand and sand!

Our bus driver called Wazz and he told us lot of things about the island. Unfortunately I am not used to the australian accent after these 3 days and so it was sometimes quite hard to understand everything :p

But nevertheless the bus ride along the beach was fun and quite bumpy 😀

This situation reminded me of the following quote: “Life is like a roller coaster – you can either scream every time there is a pump or throw your hands up in the air and enjoy the ride.” 

We needed to put on our seat belts and the family in the last row with two little boys had quite fun, because they bumped the most 😀

I definitely enjoyed the ride having the sea on the right and the rain forest on the left side. I can’t think about a similar ride in my life before. I guess that this is unique on Fraser Island being so close to the sea and the rain forest at the same time …

First stop on our adventure tour was Lake McKenzie, one out of 200 fresh lakes at Fraser. This lake has a pH-value of more than 4 and is blue and turquoise like the caribbean sea. The water was refreshing and everyone was quite busy to get the perfect shot in this crystal blue water.

After an hour we drove back to the hotel for lunch. 

By the way, this tour is a little bit touristic, because you aren’t allowed to drive by yourself across the island. If you wish so you need a special license and so every tourist books this Fraser Explorer Tour and so did we 😉 We had more than 15 germans in our bus and they were all so touristic: cameras around their necks, hats on there heads and huge back packs with lot of unnecessary stuff 😀 

Every street was still a sand street so no time for relaxing in the bus. Just put your seat belts on and enjoy it! 

The hotel reminded Col and me of the Kellerman resort in Dirty Dancing. A pool, a big dining hall and everywhere benches and chairs outside with umbrellas. We couldn’t wait to get our hotel room for this one night and maybe performing a little Dirty Dancing dance scene 🙂

After lunch and a cinnamon-apple-muffin we heated back in the bus where Wazz was waiting to discover with us the next thing on Fraser Island – a walk through the rain forest!!!!!

The forest was stunning. Everything was so green and the air was quite humid and cool. Trees were growing from left to right, farnes and palm trees everywhere and a small river which we followed for the next 2.8 km. The most amazing thing for me was the huge trees – more than 40 m high and 1500 years old. I felt so tiny besides them… impressive, immense, powerful and peaceful at the same time. I couldn’t get enough of starring up but due to the fact that the ground was still sandy and covered with roots and plants I needed to look down once in a while :p
The best way to describe this place is probably to compare it with the forest in the movie Avatar. Not that huge but the structure of the trees and all these tendrils and vines reminded me of this. I am wondering how these huge trees stick to the sandy ground? For me it seems unbelievable that the sand holds on to these plants and big trees while I am slipping, caving and stumbling the whole time 😉 

Radiou here we go (like Wazz says) off to lake Wabby! When you do such touristic tours it is quite busy with this sight seeing stuff 😉

Swimming in lake Wabby was great. Surrounded by white sand dunes you would never ever expect a lake in that area. But after a 40 minutes walk there it was: a green lake in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but white sand and as I learned within the next thousand years this lake will be gone. While swimming in the lake I was observing all the tourists around. My favorite scene was a group of young people (and once more I am sounding like an old lady)…. 4 girls stood in the water (back pointed to the water side) and their bikini tops were open for gaining a good sun teint on their backs I guess. And right in front of them five boys lined up, chitchatting with the girls and hoping for the bras to fall off 😀 What a great scene here in the middle of Fraser Island 😉 

While I did my lanes in the lake, the two brothers from our tour ran down the dunes and jumped into the lake. They did this several times and her mom had to film everything 😀

After my swim I just layed flat into the warm sand and enjoyed the sun above me. Later on I was drawing a sand angel and felt like a 6 year old 😉

On our way back to the hotel Wazz told us that they had a shark attack nearby and we should be careful. That was the moment when I remembered that I am still in Australia with all the wild life included. Dingos eating your food, a kakadoo on the camper ground which landed by my side right on top of the window of our van and of course sharks, dolphins, snakes and turtles – but so far I haven’t seen one of these water animals.

After this day on Fraser Island we all sat tired and hungry in the bus. Wazz told us on our way back to the hotel that we are the best and that all the other tourists from the one day tour are just pussies, because they are just driving with their bus to each stop but never leave it and explore the area by their own. 

Knowing not to be a pussy made my day and I couldn’t wait for day two to come 🙂

Yours Kristin 


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