Day #2 in Brisbane

Second day in Brisbane and I couldn’t wait to get out and see more of this beautiful place. First stop of course in a little coffee bar with warm banana bread and then off to Koala sanctuary where we saw the cutest Koalas on earth and I cuddled with a kangaroo which was more than relaxed and enjoyed my little massage 🙂 For the way back in the city we took the ferry and drove a long beautiful houses. Seems to me that all the rich people of Brisbane own their houses close to the river. We saw beautiful villas, Jetski, boats and gardens. 

Back in the city we went to a market with cute little jewelry stands, street art and food. 

As we went back to our hostel we crossed the river and the skyline during sunset was amazing. 

Brisbane is so beautiful during day and even during night with all the lights and the river which is reflecting everything.

Having dinner was quite a challenge because every restaurant closes at 9 or 10 pm. Col and I with our coffee and cake addiction cannot be without these two things during afternoon. But the problem is that we aren’t hungry at 7 pm. So when hunger starts at 9 pm all the restaurants have closed…. so this evening we went to the whole town, looking for a restaurant that serves food after 9 pm. We ended up in China town and here I got to know the reason why every restaurant closes at 10 pm.

People were completely drunk at 8:45 pm. One guy just fell down right in front of me and all the Clubs and bars were completely crowded. We found a nice mexican restaurant and had a table with a view to the street. What an evening – crossing the whole city, finally found a place to eat and then observing the streets with all the nightlife spectacle. That is actually one of the best things, sitting at night in Chinatown or Brunswick Street spotting the street with all the drunken ones and talk gossip with Col 😀 While she drinks melon-vodka-juice and I am having Lemonade 🙂

Brisbane reminds me a bit of San Francisco with all the hills and it was quite fun to see all the drunk people trying their best to get up or down there and the girls with their high heels 😉

I felt like an old women, wearing a sweater, trainers and only interested in a nice place for dinner with no intent for party 😀

We heated back to the hostel at 11 pm and by then all the pubs were empty and I guess the party crowd was on their way back home. We grapped a coffee in a cute little restaurant and then went back home to our comfy bed and with walls thin like paper. We listened to a group of german boys who were fighting and after they finished I fell asleep.

Tomorrow we will rent our car for the next week and then our camping adventure will start and I can’t wait to discover everything here!!!

Yours Kristin 


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