Day #1 in Brisbane

2 am in the morning. After two days of flying I reached Brisbane and a shuttle drove me from the airport to the Hostel. Still in a bad mood with health I was tired and just wanted to sleep. The driver was so kind to me and we had a good chat and he drove me right in front of the hostel so I didn’t need to carry my luggage around.

Brisbane during night was silent, clean roads and less traffic – complete opposite to India 😉

Unfortunately I booked the wrong date in my hostel but luckily there was a room available due to off season.

Just a quick shower under a warm shower with water pressure. What a luxury!! And then I was fallen asleep till Col, my german Girlfriend, knocked against the door at 9 am.

What a feeling to see someone from home after this long time !!!! We laughed, hugged and than cuddled in bed 😀

For breakfast we went into town and I fell in love with Brisbane at first sight. Beautiful streets, unique cafés, lovely people and a beautiful river which flows in zickzack lines through the city.

We had really good breakfast and coffee and as I noticed later: Australia knows how to bake cakes and how to brew and serve coffee. When you are a coffee lover you have to visit Brisbane and experience it. Or in case you are planning your own café – come to Brisbane and be inspired!

The best part for me is that the cafés have plenty of cakes, bagels, muffins and other things gluten free and that they are serving every coffee with lactose free, soy milk or almond milk when you say so!

After that delicious meal we went through town and strolled around to discover everything. And we did some shopping. Col bought cute things at Lorna Jane and I bought shorts (yay showing my legs for the first time since India ;)) and several shirts and tops. So good to have clothes that don’t smell like curry and are clean 😉

For dinner we went to the best Burger place in town. Just a tiny restaurant but authentic and delicious and I had fries with aioli !!!!

For desert we went to Starbucks due to the fact that every café had closed. But Starbucks is always good and we had so much to talk that time went by quickly and at midnight we went to bed, totally tired but happy 🙂

Yours Kristin


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