From Kochi to Brisbane

My way from India to Australia isn’t just one or two flights, no I have 4 different flights, because being up in the air is that awesome :p
Here a short overview over my flight schedule:

18.10. | 4 am leaving Kochi and taking the plane to Delhi

18.10. | 11 am arriving in Delhi

18.10. | 22 pm Delhi to Dubai

19.10. | 23:45 pm arriving in Dubai

20.10. | 2:45 am Dubai to Singapore 

20.10. | 2 pm arriving Singapore 

20.10. | 1 am finally in Brisbane!!!

So everything started in Kochi. I had the cold and yes you can call it a dellybelly. How great is that, having a flight of more than 24 hours ahead and taking the cold and a dellybelly along?!

Nevertheless Australia was calling and I am a big girl I can handle these two fellows, especially after 8 weeks of India 😉
The flights till Dubai weren’t that bad. Good food at the plane, the latest movies and short naps in between. But after arriving in Dubai I felt like shit. My throat was hurting so badly and with every swallow the pain in my left ear raised. I went to the bathroom for brushing my teeth and as I looked in the mirror I saw myself with dark shadows under my eyes. 

Do you know the moment when you realize that you are looking like shit and immediately everything feels worse than before? Yes that was me in this bathroom. And while I was trying to get rid of the cold by brushing my teeth, this lovely old lady next to me pulled her set of teeth out and brushed it likewise… at least this situation made me smile 🙂

And now one more truth about myself, back in the plane I noticed that sitting was quite painful… I know this kind of pain exactly and this meant nothing good. A new cyst was coming…. my doctor told me to get a surgery to get rid of this weak point of my body, but I hate hospitals and till now I was able to handle all these recent cysts. But at this point everything was too much. Lack of sleep, a cold, a painful cyst and no one around for holding my hand.

I was starting to look after a pharmacy. I had two options: taking medicine and hoping for the best or just vodka shots up in the air and hopefully awaking healthy in Australia….. I chose medicine (yes I know that is the boring side) and went to the pharmacy.

Tones of pills and cremes and I had no clue what to take. So here we go language app and I was typing everything in to explain the guy behind the counter what I needed. Talking about my current health status wasn’t really helpful. I wanted to go home. Having my mommy around who takes care and tells me that everything will be ok. But instead I stood in this pharmacy and all I wanted to do was crying. Ok Kristin stop this, my inner voice was telling me. You are a big girl, when you start crying now nothing will chance, except of the fact that you are getting red marks all over your face. And don’t think that the guy behind the counter will comfort you. Buy your medicine and then go to the plane and don’t overthink everything.

With my shopping bag from the pharmacy I went back to the bathroom. Eating pills, creaming stuff in my cyst and putting on my elastic stockings I was feeling and looking like a real patient.

In those situations I am always texting my family, I know that they cannot do one thing, but the fact that letting them know how I feel and knowing that they all will respond with kind words is beautiful and worth it to write everything down 🙂

Shooting a selfie with my hot socks the response of my sister came quick: Oh Krissi, your next blog post will be hilarious. Having a dellybelly in the plane is so funny… not for you but for us it is 😀 

After this I felt better. I had the feeling that India wanted me to stay and I will definitely remember these flights for a long time 😉

So Australia I hope you are worth it all the pain and my inner tears, can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning.

Yours Kristin


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