Last days in India – Varkala and Kochi

Time is flying by and today is our last day together as a group. Tomorrow morning everyone of us will continue his or her trip. Some of us keep on traveling others are going directly back home to work or university. 

photography by Mike Curnow

Varkala was the perfect place to end our trip – white beaches, blue water, crushing waves, a warm sun and good restaurants and cafés. We all needed this for relaxation and I noticed for myself that it will take at least a few days more till I processed all the new impressions, experiences and adventures we had during the last three weeks.

photography by Mike Curnow

Here in the south we have another tour manager and we call him “V”. V is totally different to Prats, but also good. He organized everything perfectly, but there is one single thing he could enhance… he always counts us AFTER we have arrived or entered a new destination which is not the best thing you can do 😀 

First time I have noticed that was on the boat on the backwaters. After stoping for lunch all of us went back to the boat and we started the second part of the tour. And after 10 minutes of driving, V started with the counting. Might be not that ideal … or what should we do in case of missing one? Should he or she swim? Even wir the new girls who entered the group we all didn’t have the overview if someone is missing. But nevertheless that is the way V is managing us and as long as everyone is on board it is ok.

But this morning his counting method failed… We stood up at 5:30 to catch the train from Varkala back to Kochi. Like every morning we all jumped in the TukTuks and we didn’t count. After 2 minutes Mike calculated that we must be missing someone, because with 6 TukTuks and 16 members at least 4 cars needed to have 3 members in it and this was not the case!

I think V noticed that after 10 minutes, because his TukTuk stopped and returned. What a shame that on the last day of the tour we left Terry behind but gladly the hotel called V and in the end ALL of us sat in the train and now we are driving for another 4 hours till Kochi. We will have our last day there with a dinner and maybe a dancing class and tomorrow morning I am by my own again. 

I can’t wait to discover Australia but at the same time I am sad leaving my group and India, because everything India offered me during the last weeks was special and unique and I have learned quite a lot about the land, the culture and about myself. And I will miss my group, because these guys were amazing and I am thankful for all these new friendships I have gained during the last weeks. 

#momentstoremember #memoriesforlife #thankful 
Yours Kristin 


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  1. Hey Maus,

    ich habe dich schon lang nicht mehr so glücklich gesehen 🙂 Und ich lese so gern deine Berichte, du scheinst eine wahnsinnig tolle Reise zu haben. Das freut mich so sehr für dich 🙂 Bin schon gespannt auf deine Eindrücke aus downunder ❤ Knuddel ein paar Kängurus für mich mit UND einen Koala 😀

    Viele viele Grüße aus einem verregnetem Mannheim :-*


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