Dancing in Udaipur

​​In the beginning of October India celebrates a festival called Navrathi. It lasts for 10 days and every day has another color and another theme. For example on one day all the TukTuk drivers worshiped their cars and blessed them with flowers and rice. Another day we saw lot of women wearing the colour green and during the last days of this festival the locals have holidays to celebrate the big final of this special festival together. All streets are decorated with lametta and lights and there is a lot of music and firework going on. The locals are using this time to celebrate on the one side but also to gain attention for important things like a clean India on the other site. 

I am really glad for being here while this festival is going on.
So as we arrived in Pushkar, all streets were covered in glitter and during the night the locals played loud music and danced. 

Prats took us out for dinner and after that he offered us the opportunity to join one of those street dances. Mike and I were first with raising our hands for taking part in this dance 🙂 

Entrance fee for women were 20 Rupees and 30 Rupees for men. Everyone of us got two wood sticks and then we lined up with all the locals. Gents on one side and women on the other. We were facing each other and then the music started to play and each line started to move to the right. Means you got a new dancing partner every 5 seconds with whom you clapped the sticks together to the rhythm of the music.

 The beats of the music vibrated in me and the clapping of the wood sticks created a wonderful sound and an energy I will never forget. The dance was easy and we did the plain version while the locals performed the dance in a perfection we couldn’t reach. But it was ok, everyone was accepted and the locals were quite happy that we joined them. 

While the women next to me turned side ways and moved her sticks in a graceful way, I sticked to the simple movement : one step forward CLAP CLAP CLAP one step backward CLAP and one step to the right CLAP.

It was fun to have a new dancing partner every few seconds and the best part was that you met him again after 15 minutes when the circle was completed.
During the first round I met a guy and he was just saying HI to me. Which was nice:) 

Second round he screamed at me: Uh la la WOW

Third round he said: Hey there Beautiful wanne kiss???

That was my signal to leave the dance 😀 45 minutes of dancing was perfect and all of us were so glad for taking the opportunity to join the dance. This was definitely one of the most beautiful moments here in India and I will keep this in mind forever !
Dancing Videos “Dandiya”:


The dancing Kristin 


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