A pink sun above the pink city

As I told you earlier Jaipur is also known as the pink city. We stood in a beautiful family owned hotel and I had a room for myself. While traveling with a group of people it is nice to have your own space from time to time so I did really enjoy it.

The owner of the hotel asked us to join him in his daily walk to the top of the hill to see the sunrise. So alarm was set at 4:55 am and at 5:15 am we started walking. Jaipur was still asleep and as we walked through the city I felt the same peace of the silent city within me. During our walk the owner of the hotel told us several things which I want to share with you.

He said that this walk early in the morning is his me time. And no mater how hard it was to climb up to the top he kept saying: “You are the beneficiary – your legs, your body, your mind.” These words are so beautiful and nothing but the truth. We should care about ourselves more often. I don’t mean it in an ignorant way towards the others, I am speaking about listen to your inner voice and finding out what feels good. By the end of the day we are our longest commitment and we all should treat us with respect. When you take your me time to refill your energy you will be way better with the people around you. As long as you have your inner peace there is nothing which can bother you or ruin your day.

As we reached the top of the hill the view and the sunrise was stunning. 

The sun had the look of a pink ball. There were clouds in front of it, but the sun peeled them off like a shell. And with every minute the sky became brighter and the clouds disappears. Isn’t that a good start in the day? We are all starting over and over again in our lives. Like the sun we are rising every morning new and it doesn’t matter what’s behind us. All that maters is now. The only time we can really influence is the present. No one knows what tomorrow will be, but today we are healthy, we are alive we are able to wake up early and enjoy a beautiful sunrise and that is the greatest gift of all.
This was the beginning of my little ritual: 5 times in the row I have seen the sun rising and hopefully there will be many more.

Poor Mike, he is most of the time the one who has to join me, because I am not allowed to walk up to the hills all by myself. But I think so far it is not too bad for him and I am looking for many more sunrises and skies which are turning from blue into pink, orange and purple.
Yours Kristin


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