Driver’s license

Today we passed a driving school for motorbikes which was basically a field with some trees. Our tour manager told us that it is quite common to practice your driving skills on a field. 

You have 4 weeks for practicing and training and during this time you are allowed to drive on a field AND within the normals traffic on the streets, too. The practice within the real traffic is recommended by the teachers, because for them that is the best way you learn – on the streets of India you have all the traffic signs and the crazy drivers which you don’t find on the field. And due to the fact that you have no theory lessons you better keep practicing directly on the streets with all the signs to gain the real experience of indian traffic 😀 (I want to point out that you still do not have your driver license at this moment)

During the exam you just need to drive the figure of an 8 without stepping your feed to the ground and here we go with your driver’s license! 

And by the way this driver license is valid for whole India… maybe I should come back to make mine here, too 😉

Yours Kristin 


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