Bathing locals

Goa is an amazing place with beautiful beaches around. Despite monsoon season and lot of rain we went to the ocean and took a long bath in the ocean 🙂 That felt so good after all these days in the heat and I felt so clean getting rid of al the anti mosquito bite spray and suncream on my skin. As Mike and I went along the beach we saw many locals just standing in the water and holding hands. Our tour manager explained to us that most of them don’t know how to swim. That explained the reason why the life guards whistled all the time while we were swimming in the sea and enjoyed ourselves in the cool water of the arabian sea. 

In India you will probably find the red flag everywhere at the beach, but the lifeguard told us that this is also due to the fact that the Indians are bad in swimming. 

Another awkward thing was the jet ski ride. I thought you could rent a jet ski and bring it back after an hour. But actually you are renting just a ride with a guy who takes you out (100 m) and then drives you back to the shore while a photographer catches your pose on the jet ski. That was fun to watch, but I am definitely preferring a ride by my own without posing 

That’s it – just a short blog post about the sea 😉

Yours Kristin 


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