The image I had in mind from was totally wrong. Thinking about Mumbai created an image of crowded streets, much traffic and of course the slums. I actually thought that one day is way enough and that I would be happy to leave the city on the other day. But this is completely wrong. Mumbai is great and so beautiful and totally different from the things I have imagined. 

Mumbai is called the Manhattan of India and I totally agree with that because there are many skyscrapers around and beautiful streets with lot of shopping stores.

In the afternoon we booked a taxi tour for exploring the rest of the city. Mumbai was the first city where I definitely spotted the british influence. You have a beautiful bus station and you find big ben near the center of the city 😉

After dinner at the leonard’s café we went in a fancy bar with good music and amazing cocktails. I tried a Mocktail (no alcohol) and it was guava juice with spices… oh my god this juice was hot and I wasn’t able to drink it 😀 So whenever indians call a drink spicy they really mean it!

What a great day and a great night in Mumbai. I will definitely come back to see more of it and explore the city for my own.
Yours Kristin


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