Toilet squats

Indian trains are great! I mean once you have find your seat everything is easy. chitchatting with your neighbors, a landscape which changes with every 80 km and always new questions from the Indians you aren’t expecting. My favorite question is “What you have had for lunch?” In the beginning I thought they were joking, but here in India it is a serious question and when you can remember the name of your meal you will definitely bring a smile on the faces of the locals 🙂

This time we went from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in an overnight train. We had beds , air conditioning, blankets, pillows and Prats was able to put us all in the same coach. So white people everywhere and I had a brilliant sleep. Except of the one Indian men who was sleeping opposite to me. He snored the whole night, but it actually sounded like a little kit and so it was ok 🙂

At the beginning of the journey Prats told us that we will find toilets at each end of the coach. One in western style on the left hand side and the Indian one on the right. To be honest with you, I am starting to prefer the Indian toilet, because for me this option feels cleaner.

It is just a hole and you have to squat over it. Instead of toilet paper they are using a brush with which you clean yourself. Now you know why the left hand is the dirty one and you should not use this hand for eating 😉 The more difficult way is when they have a bucket of water instead of the brush. But nevertheless once you have done whatever you needed to do you flush everything with the water bucket. That’s the reason why most of the toilets are wet, but it is only water and no pee so you can relax 😉

I decided to drink half a liter of sprite and a liter of water before entering the train. Now I know that is probably not the best idea to avoid the toilet and that was exactly the reason why I am awake now – 04:45 am with an toilet experience I really want to share with you. (That is your opportunity to stop reading and joining me in the next blog post;))

I have chosen the Indian toilet and as soon as I entered the small room I noticed that I was wearing a jumpsuit. My advise to you : don’t wear a jumpsuit whenever you are planning to use toilets that might be not as clean as you wish. Ok half naked I was trying to squat in the best way over the toilet. As you all know trains are shaking a lot during the ride. So I squatted over the toilet using one hand to hold my jumpsuit away from the wet floor and with the other one I hold myself as stable as it could be and then I tried to aim the toilet. While being busy I noticed that some water was sprinkling in my face. My first thought was: Congrats Kristin I think you have peed yourself in the face. But then I noticed that this was just the water from the water bucket which splashed around while the train was shaking. Could have been worser 😉

So targeting, letting it flow m and then trying to use the water bucket for cleaning. What a challenge at 5 am in the morning, but a new experience which I will definitely remember 😉
Oh and by the way, on my way back through the dark train I wasn’t able to find my bed in the first place and stood in the wrong coach trying not to freak out. So good to have such a great orientation while traveling alone 😀

I am trying to sleep for another hour now, but unfortunately the cute cat opposite to me becomes a roaring tiger …. I should have taken the earplugs from Mike ….

Yours Kristin


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